Kid friendly tech Idea

Kid friendly tech Idea

As a parent of five who is dying to get my hands on my new kick ass model X I thought I'd through in my two cents for a tech idea. Since the X will undoubtedly maintain the cell connectivity of previous models why not either offer mobile hot spot capability or; rather, integrated touch screens in each headrest. These touch screens could be individuated to provide each passenger with internet access and wouldn't have the same streaming limits as the big front screen. As a parent, I would love to be able to have each of my kids accessing different web content. Not just mindless videos, I'd love them to be able to search facts on our road trips. Make it real Tesla. Imagine the marketing you could do with this.

Khagge1 | 16. April 2015

through = throw :)

vandacca | 16. April 2015

The problem is that the Model-X has a 2 x 3 x 2 seat configuration. The 3 kids in the middle will only have access to the back of 2 head rests. Who is the unfortunate kid to sit in the middle without a screen? I guess both kids in the 3rd row would be okay.

Elon did say that the 2nd row is truly beautiful, so maybe he has thought of this already?

grant10k | 16. April 2015

Hotspots in cars always seemed to be an odd feature to me. In two swipes, I can set my phone to be a mobile hotspot that's equal in speed to what the car can do. In the future it'll pale in comparison to a modern smartphone. It won't take long before the feature feels like one of those cars with the built in analog TV tuner.

Then again, my car doesn't have built in wifi, so maybe it's super useful and I'm not aware. Does anyone even use it?

pvetesla | 16. April 2015

Great idea.

My kids got a kick out of using the wireless mouse I plugged into the USB to control the screen from the back row. Imagine if I could allow them to control it from the touchscreen on the headrest. It would make my life easier. That's, of course, if you like listening to their I do.

David Trushin | 16. April 2015

Grant10k is right. Cars with built in tablets are about as future proof as a tv with built in cassette player. I have a jetpack mobile hotspot in my car and i get wifi over lte for all my devices your kids will be happer with their own devices.

Khagge1 | 17. April 2015

I'm envisioning each screen in the back as an individual device that can be updated just like the Tesla's OPS. So, I don't see how being outdated would be a concern. Not everyone has consistent hotspot capability from their phone. As hard as it is to believe I don't own a cell phone. I have an iPod touch which allows me to do all my work related calendar stuff along with free texting. I am trying to see how far in the future I can go without paying for cell.

vandacca | 17. April 2015

Will these screens be super-Retina displays? Will they be Lenticular 3D capable? Will they be OLED high-contrast screens? Are they bendable? Are they capacitive touch-sensitive? Will they be smell-o-vision capable? What size?

jjs | 18. April 2015

Why vandacca do I sense a bit of sarcasm? :)

vandacca | 19. April 2015

@jjs, maybe I went a bit too far with the smell-o-vision. :)

I was just trying to reinforce @grant10k and David Trushin's point that its difficult to future-proof technology right now. Its moving much too fast to keep up. Sometimes, Moore is less.

jjs | 19. April 2015

@vandacca O, I got it. Thought it was funny.

There was a time not too long ago that we (at least I) would have thought integrating entertainment centers into vehicles was great. Now it seems outdated. Wireless connectivity is the rule of the day. From a design perspective its, IMHO, great as it allows much cleaner design without sacrificing function.

Näky | 19. April 2015

Usb connector for charging to each headres and some kind of semi hidden connection points for aftermarket device stands.
No wire clutter, no dead batteries, no soon to be obsolete integrated devices.

Näky | 19. April 2015

Headrest even... | 19. April 2015

I'm hoping for a built-in 8 track tape player.

vandacca | 19. April 2015

@georgehawley, if you want the 8-track player, you'll need to spring for the Ultra High Fidelity Sound option and the Premier Interior and Lighting (with disco ball) option.

David Trushin | 20. April 2015

I'll need a parallel port connector for my dot matrix printer. So i can read my text messages.

Khagge1 | 20. April 2015

I suppose as long as they have integrated smart ass support they'll be fine.

vandacca | 20. April 2015

+1 @Khagge1 Good one!