Las Vegas Service Center to open soon

Las Vegas Service Center to open soon

Finally Las Vegas has its own Service Center opening in mid June. The Nevada Tesla Club met last Sunday and photos were being shared of the new Service Center. The Costa Mesa Service Center has been doing a fantastic job taking care of our cars but having our own service center makes servicing a lot more convenient. Anyone traveling to Las Vegas never has to worry about any car problems they might have and many of the Strip hotels not have charges in their garages.

jman | 10. Juni 2013

I am traveling to Vegas for the week of the 4th of July with a couple brother in laws, any idea if there are any MS to rent? I am putting the finishing touches to my wife to order ours !!!
Any new shows or activities for 40 year olds?? I can't wait to do the zipline at Fremont !

bnwdon | 10. Juni 2013

Hi Jman,
I don't think the Tesla service center rents MS cars, for sure there are no car rental agencies including MS in their inventory. After next week go to FIND US and under that is a list of their Service Centers, they should have a phone number by then for you to call just incase they plan to rent MS's. As for shows, Zumanity is a lot of fun and LaReve is at Wynns.

SDORDULIAN | 10. Juni 2013

I am going to Vegas the weekend of the 27th of June. Will I be able to stop off at the service center to charge my new Tesla (which I will be picking up on the 21st)? I have yet to find out if the Mirage (where I'll be staying) has charging options.

Brian H | 10. Juni 2013

Don't know if it's up and running yet, but Project 100 bought 100 MSes (and other EVs) for Vegas this spring.

Darmok | 10. Juni 2013

@Brian H, it's not up and running yet. A couple of Project 100 guys went to Fremont over Memorial Day weekend to pick up the first two, to be used for testing. I wonder what the Zappos engineers will be able to come up with for some useful modifications.

I don't know what the policy of the service centers is for allowing people to charge, but there is nearly nothing of value around the LV service center. Anyone charging for a few hours would get pretty bored.

MrLeeJ | 11. Juni 2013 I live in Las Vegas and have a model S. Please advise how I get in touch with the NV Tesla Club.

Bob W | 11. Juni 2013

@bnwdon or @Darmok:

Could you please post a link to the "Nevada Tesla Club" and the photos of which you speak? What is the address of the soon-to-open Las Vegas Service Center? Google searches didn't help. All I found was a "coming soon" page:

Brian H | 11. Juni 2013

Bob W;
It's a secret. They don't want you looky-loos hanging around!

bnwdon | 12. Juni 2013

Hi guys, I'll try to answer your questions.
Brain H, I am not sure if Mirage has charging stations but across the street at the Venetian has charging stations, so does Cosmo, Aria and Mandalay Bay.
Here is the new Service Center address; 6260 W. Budara Ave., LV NV 89118, there hours are 9 to 6 Mon./Fri. and half day on Saturday.
The Nevada Tesla Club can be found on Facebook at Las Vegas Tesla Owners or just email me to add you to our email list. Don at
Take care and don't hesitate to email me with your questions about Vegas.

skymaster | 12. Juni 2013


Someone in Vegas should drop by and show a Model S to Rick Harrison of "Pawn Stars". Two weeks ago, he was in Denver for a Chevy dealership promotion. When I met him, I asked him if he had driven a Tesla Model S. He looked at me like I was from another planet... and did not seem interested at all. He did tell me he had driven a Fisker. Maybe it would be a good idea (or laugh) to walk in and tell him that you wanted to pawn your P85. Then let him drive it and maybe it could get on TV!!! I love the look on peoples faces when they get the "Tesla Grin" in my P85+. Since Tesla will not advertise these incredible machines, we owners should get creative....

Bob W | 12. Juni 2013

Thanks @BNWdon! I guess you meant 6260 W. Badura Ave. (not Budara). As noted, not much around there, but at least there's a Starbucks nearby, and that's a good enough place to kill some time waiting for a charge or a repair.

bnwdon | 12. Juni 2013

Right Bob, sorry for the typo.

bnwdon | 13. Juni 2013

It appears it will be a few more weeks before the Service Center is up and going. I think we can safely say the end of June they should have all their ducks in a row. The new service manager, Jessica Wilde, mentioned that after everything is up and running she will have an open house.

bnwdon | 15. Juni 2013

If anyone will be in Las Vegas on Sunday, July 14, there will be a meet up beginning at 11am at Dom DeMarco's Restaurant on West Charleston. Love to have some out of town MS drivers.

Hrusecky | 14. Juli 2013

Saw your two cars on Sunday but didn't have the time to stop. Will there be another opportunity in Vegas soon.
Would love to know more about them up close and personal. Thanks. Sarah H