LATCH Hardpoints

LATCH Hardpoints

This is a long shot but...

Anybody have the pleasure of getting up close enough to the 2nd row seats to notice how many LATCH hardpoints there are? (If they even bother with such details on a prototype)

Any theories on how many 2nd row car seats we can fit?

Pjjava34 | 14. April 2015

I know the S has 6 latch points good for 3 car seats in the second row. I can't imagine they would have less on the X since it is considered the more family friendly car.

Red Sage ca us | 15. April 2015

Also, I hope the Model X also includes hard points to secure cargo in the rear and frunk. Either D-rings or flanged anchors, augmented by Velcro™/hook & loop connectors/straps. I may not like towing, or using a roof rack, but I certainly believe in stabilizing what I transport inside a vehicle as much as possible.