LAX charging station

LAX charging station


I'm planning to go to LAX this Sat.
Anybody know what kind of chargers do they have? Do they have 220V 40amp?

Also, one thing to worry a bit is range...

Mine is 40kwh... Google map tells me one way distance from my home to LAX is around 110 miles..
Do you think it will be fine for one shot driving... (I haven't calculated much about mine but
40kwh owner can tell me what range will be safe to drive..?


amneet | 18. Juli 2013

they have 220v 30amp clipper creek. Its free to charge, but charged for parking.

WSE51 | 18. Juli 2013

The public chargers at LAX are often fully taken by other EVs, so I wouldn't count on them. However the Hawthorne Tesla supercharger is only 6 miles away and is so much faster that you should consider that option.

CalabasasKid | 18. Juli 2013

How will he be able to charge at a Suoercharger if he has a 40kw car?
Do they allow you to pay a la carte for charging every once in a while?

Brian H | 18. Juli 2013

Better stated: it is "included" in the parking fee. Which you can't avoid; extension cords that long don't work.

jangwonl | 19. Juli 2013

Thanks guys for the reply..

I tried to pay attention to range.. and realized that ..if I drive gently.. I'm going to get more range... kk

my average was 400wh/mile
but it could be going down 350 wh/mile I think..

Also, I will check Hawthorne Tesla supercharger is accepting 40kwh MS..

Let's see..

pvetesla | 19. Juli 2013

Hi @jangwoni

I took my 40 from LA to SeaWorld (121 miles). I didn't drive like I was supposed to (hit 85mph on the 73 and drove 65-75 up until San Juan Capistrano where we hit stop and go traffic for about 10-15 miles)

I had contingency plans in place, just in case it didn't look like I would make it, but I arrived to SeaWorld with about 10 miles (they have a free charger there).

I don't think we can use the superchargers unless you pay for it to be activated ($2,500 I think) And even then they may not allow it unless you upgrade to a 60.

LAX parking is very expensive so I'm not sure if you want to use them as a charging option.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I love using PlugShare to find new stations all over the place to charge.

xray | 19. Juli 2013

Not sure if you have a long trip planned but vampire losses on top of your long drive to the airport could be a problem.

I left my car plugged in but not charging over the course of a 6 day trip to see what the losses would be. My rated miles decreased from 119 to 73 = 46 miles or approximately 14-15 kWh. This was in a very temperate garage so extreme weather could also increase your vampire losses.

If you're doing a long trip, I don't think it would be wise to leave your car unplugged.

Xerogas | 19. Juli 2013

I own a 40, and I have a 60-mile (round trip) daily commute. I arrive home after my roundtrip with 70 miles rated range leftover, so I would feel comfortable driving 110 miles one-way. However, I am very surprised by your 400 kWh/350 kWh averages...I average 309 quite consistently, with a mostly-freeway commute. If I was averaging 400, or even 350, I would be nervous about a 110 mile trip.

As for supercharging: sorry, but nope. I have asked Tesla directly, and they said that they will not unlock my supercharger without first unlocking the 60. So you won't be supercharging for less than $13,000

earlyretirement | 25. September 2013

What is the rate these days for the LAX short-term parking with the chargers?

earlyretirement | 25. September 2013

Ah nevermind..found it....