Litmotors C-1

Litmotors C-1

I'm wondering if it would make sense for Tesla to take a look at the C-1 to buyout if possible.

It would jumpstart the ability to offer a more affordable electric transport vehicle that would arguably be the safest motorcycle ever made.
Perhaps it could be made of aluminum instead of composite material so it would fit more readily into the Tesla production line.

Maybe it's not for sale at any price and perhaps Elon has already seen it and decided it doesn't fit in
for some reason.
I just think Tesla would want to eventually offer the full complement of major vehicle choices.

The C-1 will not require a motorcycle license or helmet (you drive the helmet ;-).
You could lane-split (Elon, that means faster trips down the 405).

Styling-wise I might make a couple of changes, but overall I think it would be a cool addition to the Tesla stable.

What do y'all think?

carlgo | 29. Dezember 2013

Just too much of a diversion. Tesla has its hands full just producing S models, not to mention several upcoming models and much higher volume. There are battery issues to deal with which may include huge factories of their own, chargers of various kinds and, we hope, new technologies that will lower costs and weight, extend range and make for convenient charging.

In addition, there are the new home storage units for solar systems and the storage of solar energy is as important as anything.

And of course all the technicians are working feverishly on the various perpetual motion devices proposed here.

carlgo | 29. Dezember 2013

To add: Of course motorcycle companies might buy into the Tesla battery technology as Mercedes and Toyota have. We might see the boat people involved also, and several other industries.

Lots of of people would be killed on a frighteningly fast Tesla motorcycle and does Musk want to deal with that?

After cars one could see Tesla pursuing the delivery market, like UPS, and then....

...Tesla passenger drones. Punch in a destination and off you go. Cars and even Hyperloops are just so passé.

hobowankenobi | 29. Dezember 2013

A real possibility. Lit has promise. I don't see it as a "distraction", when Tesla's stated goal is to bring electric transport to the masses.

Tesla could let them go to production, and see how it goes. Getting a few thousand on the road, and some market feedback could help illuminate risk. The biggest risk is failure; the haters and the entire petroleum-based transport industry is watching to see success or failure. Tesla cannot afford much (any?) failures. Buying Lit would be a great branding opportunity, if their model (two wheeled, low cost commuter concept) is viable and successful.

Buying Lit could seen a similar risk to Apple buying the hardware/software companies that pioneered the portable MP3 player tech. Do it right, and own the market, set the bar high, and increase brand recognition and gravitas. Do it wrong, or pursue the wrong market or product, and hurt the Tesla brand.

The single biggest concern I have with the C-1...from what we can see of it so that it may eat tires by car standards. Many Motorcycles get less than than 10K per tire. With the in-hub motors, hopefully tire changes are easy and low cost....otherwise it could be a major hurdle to commuter vehicle model. Beyond that, they still have to prove drivability, comfort and especially safety. Look how much FUD is spread about Tesla safety....

If Lit can navigate all of this....they can be successful. If successful, they will be an obvious target to be acquired by any company trying to get traction in electric transportation.

carlgo | 29. Dezember 2013

Agree that electric drive adoption is Musk's goal. However it is likely more electric bikes would be in service if Tesla simply developed battery packs suitable for adoption by motorcycle manufacturers, along with the charging technology and other associated electrics.

Got me thinking about swapping (no, not THAT kind dear). Motorcycle batteries could be swapped out by the rider, simply exchanging them at any place willing to deal with it for a profit. They could just slide in and click into place like a camera battery. This would make them very useful for police use as well.

Still, in the end the sound and fury of a gas motor is undeniably attractive and in some cases is the identity of the mode and why people buy itl.

I could see electric motorcycles being more popular in third world countries where scooters and 3-wheelers crowd the roads by the millions. Unfortunately, they could never afford a Tesla motorcycle, but maybe they could afford an electric version of a cheap bike.

In 1st world countries people buy bikes for recreation and don't normally put on so many miles to where the gas is too expensive. These are the people who could afford a Tesla bike, but are less likely to buy one, even if they lust after a Tesla car. There is a difference.

SamO | 29. Dezember 2013

OP, totally agree. When I saw Lit C1 in late 2012 on CNN, I had the same thought.

The only caveat is that Lit doesn't seem to be able to put a working protype on the road. Their proof of concept is a bit rough. Nothing that TM and EM couldn't put their engineering minds to and fix though.

blue adept | 29. Dezember 2013

I believe we've already had this conversation: