MA getting it's first Supercharger

MA getting it's first Supercharger

I was just found out that the first supercharger in MA is under construction, a stone's throw away from the Sagamore Bridge. It is/will be located where RT 6 and RT 3 merge, before you cross over the canal. Now if they would just build one in Strubridge!!!!!

karmamule | 23. Juni 2014

I hope that's done by late September. Just found out my S85 is due around September 12th at the latest, and I have the last week of September off so if this supercharger is done by then one of the first things I'll do is head down and spend a couple nights in p-town during my vacation.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 23. Juni 2014

The Supercharger once thought to be Sturbridge is actually going in to Auburn instead, at the Auburn Mall.

jordanrichard | 24. Juni 2014

David, I had heard that too and it's only 10 miles from Sturbridge to Auburn. the Auburn Mall is literally right off the highway so it will be easy on/off. Now is they would just build it!!!!

carlk | 24. Juni 2014

@karmamule I wonder how could you be so sure when the delivery is still more than two months away?

ml1211 | 24. Juni 2014

A Supercharger along 95 would seem like the next logical step. It is too far from the CT locations to get anywhere in MA along 95. I drive up and down 95 every day. It sure would help convince my wife of the "need" for a P85 if I could travel on free electrons! Please help Tesla

JonathanL | 24. Juni 2014


95 has Darien, Milford and East Greenwich. NY to Boston is no problem at all via SC, unless ICE'd.

The inland route has only Greenwich. Auburn would make it possible for people from NJ, NY, CT and PA who take the inland route to not only get to MA, but also VT, NH and ME.

wizexo | 24. Juni 2014

@JonathanL - I agree that Auburn is a huge help. Living in CT I am looking forward to getting up to Maine and New Hampshire. But we still need Supercharging in those northern states.

For example, Auburn to Brunswick, Maine is about 165 miles. A charge in Auburn will get me there and give me some miles to tool around, but I will need to "load up" with enough miles at a hotel or campground to get back to Auburn for the return trip.

jordanrichard | 24. Juni 2014

ml1211, you can't make it from Milford to E. Greenwich, RI? It's only 112 miles which is well under the range of an 85.

plusplusjames | 24. Juni 2014

Not enough has been to open Superchargers in the North Country or inland sections of NY and PA.

JonathanL | 24. Juni 2014


Auburn solves that problem for Boston and the suburbs where I go, plenty of miles to get back and forth to Auburn after spending a weekend around Boston. The SC map is showing something along the coast north of MA, maybe around Portsmouth as "coming soon." That would make a trip to ME doable without the need for local charging.

hamer | 24. Juni 2014

Should be "its" first supercharger.

plusplusjames | 24. Juni 2014

Should be "Not enough has been *done* to open Superchargers in the North Country or inland sections of NY and PA.

Bighorn | 24. Juni 2014

I visited Sturbridge and it seemed like they were stuck in another century--probably not the most open-minded people re: new technology.

JonathanL | 24. Juni 2014

From Wikipedia:

Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) is a living museum located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, in the United States, which re-creates life in rural New England during the 1790s through 1830s. It is the largest living museum in New England, covering more than 200 acres (80 hectares). The Village includes 59 antique buildings, three water-powered mills, and a working farm. The museum is a popular tourist and educational field trip destination. Costumed interpreters speaking in modern language help visitors understand 19th century life.

Does not sound like a place that has a Starbucks or an Apple Store. I think I would rather charge at the Auburn Mall. Hopefully my bladder can make it the extra 10 miles.

Bighorn - check out the latest post on the NJ forum. The OP says he also had the problem with the left side scroll wheel too.

Bighorn | 24. Juni 2014

Thanks for all that--I appreciate it.

JonathanL | 24. Juni 2014

Glad to help.

ml1211 | 24. Juni 2014

I live in northern MA, on NH border. I travel the 95 corridor from RI to Maine. Yes I can charge up in Darien CT (farther south than I need to go) or go west. It is 180 miles from Darien to my house. I also go north quite often. 106 miles from the East Greenwich RI Super charger to home. I agree with plusplusjames, more chargers north would be great. There are currently no Superchargers in NH or Maine that I am aware of.

2-Star | 24. Juni 2014

The Tesla Supercharger map shows one in Portland "coming soon" and one in Bangor "end 2014". Hope it's true.

karmamule | 24. Juni 2014

carlk, I talked to my DS who mentioned that as a 'no later than' date for me. He said it could very well come earlier, so that's not an exact delivery date, just a worst case scenario. (barring unforeseen circumstances like a QC issue)

jordanrichard | 24. Juni 2014

There is a bit more to Sturbridge than that. There are restaurants, particularly a Cracker Barrel which has it's adjoining country store.

bduke | 24. Juni 2014

JohnathonL: Sturbridge, Mass is a great place to shop and has numerous upscale restaurants including a Starbucks. There is a lot of tourists attracted to the likes of Old Sturbridge Village that is usually on the "must do" list for tourists in this part of Massachusetts. Until you visit don't depend on Wikipedia for your info on a wonderful town to visit or live.

With that out of the way: unless the Supercharger was going to be located at one of the rest stops on I90 it would be difficult for those travelling from New York to Boston to get to, the Auburn Mall would definitely be a better place for a charger but you will have to exit I90 and do the toll thing both getting off and on.

jordanrichard | 24. Juni 2014

bduke, I figured Sturbridge would be the same as Auburn with reference to getting off and on the pike. That would only apply to those traveling from NY to Boston, via the pike. For those traveling from NYC to Boston, using 84, they would just stop at the SC before getting on the pike.

Bighorn | 24. Juni 2014

I think Jonathan was just expounding on my joke.

Sin_Gas | 24. Juni 2014

One other area that is devoid of SC is Rt 93 in New Hampshire to go skiing in my potential Model X. I am sure that lots of folks will want to take their MX'x to ski country in the winter. Not aware of any J1772 installations other than the Nissan Dealers. SC'c planned?

Sin Gas

tga | 24. Juni 2014

Auburn (and other locations at interstate intersections, for that matter) has the advantage of serving traffic on the Pike (I90) and 290/395 (which is a common route for eastern CT heading to NE Mass, SE NH, and ME.

Along the same lines, we really need a SC in Hooksett, NH, to service ski and lake traffic heading from Boston up 89/93. There was a rumor going in TMC that the developers of the new Hooksett rest areas were in touch with Tesla, and possibly considering Chademo/J1772 installations as well.

JonathanL | 24. Juni 2014

Bduke - I was expanding on Bighorn's joke, but I did not realize they had Starbuck's and the like. I have driven by many times, but never stopped there. I do remember seeing an episode of This Old House where either Norm or Steve went there to see how things were done back in the day. Made it look as though the whole place was from the 1700's. Would have been cool if Tesla could have built an SC there powered by one of the mills.

Auburn works great for me because that is my exit when traveling north. The only issue is making it that far without a bathroom break. I usually stop at the first rest area when you get on the Pike. Looks like I might have to make a quick pit stop in Greenwich, CT, not to charge, just to discharge. I will be sure to park in an ICE spot just to get back at them for all the times they ICE'd the SC.

Brian H | 25. Juni 2014

It's its, it's is an abbreviation, only.

His, hers, its
he's, she's, it's

For the Auburn stretch, consider carrying a busman's friend. AKA an empty juice bottle with a tight cap. !;)

JonathanL | 25. Juni 2014


We call that taxi style in the NYC area.

jman | 29. Juli 2014

The new SC in Auburn got it's permit !!!! The address will be 385 Southbridge Street. Sept. construction may be happening !!

So very exciting, and I don't even have an MS yet !!!

jordanrichard | 29. Juli 2014

Pluggedin just started a thread about this. This is great news. That address is 44 miles Northeast of my house. Currently the nearest SC for me is 92 miles South of me in Greenwich CT.

You take this Auburn one and throw in the Sagamore one that is under construction, getting to and from Cape Cod will be no issue.

genedr @ny-us | 29. Juli 2014

Auburn great, halfway between BOS and NY. Now, if we can get one in Binghamton, the whole upstate, central and Western NY State would open.

tes-s | 29. Juli 2014

Auburn is a perfect location for me. It will take an hour off my trips to Maine - I won't have to detour to RI, and won't have to do a range charge.

Took 13 months from public announcement to permit. Let's hope permit to opening is shorter. :)

Al1 | 30. Juli 2014

Patience is a virtue. :)

karmamule | 30. Juli 2014

If someone happened to be driving from the Boston area to Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods, then the Auburn supercharger will be a great place to top-off on the way back if using 395/90.

Not that I would ever waste my money on something as silly as gambling.... ::::cough:::: >.>

jordanrichard | 30. Juli 2014

karmamule, that is a good point. It will also allow those travel from the Boston area to avoid RI all together. Head East on the MA pike to Auburn, charge up and head South on Rt. 395 to Rt. 95 and press on to Milford or Darien.