Market Success will spoil the fun :-)

Market Success will spoil the fun :-)

I was just thinking that once there are enough TM products on the road it will spoil the fun. What if you're in traffic with a bunch of Teslas? How will you jet away from them or finesse your way with nimble moves? I guess we'll find out :-)

negarholger | 08. Juli 2013

Quick becomes the new normal.

LionPowered | 08. Juli 2013

Along with good driving skills, I hope.

olanmills | 08. Juli 2013

It's already like that to some degree, in the Seattle area.It's not uncommon to see one or more every day. That wasn't the case around December and January.

cloroxbb | 09. Juli 2013

hahaha, good driving skills, that's a funny one. Buying and owning a Tesla isn't going to turn a crappy, distracted driver, into a good one.

LionPowered | 09. Juli 2013

That's for sure!