Model S Advantages

Model S Advantages

Yes, I am obsessing about this car.
Here's what I have come up with about the Model S. Please add more

Model S Advantages

Really quick. Quicker with more batteries.
Tight (small) turning radius.

No Oil Changes
No Emissions Check
No Catalytic Converter
No Gasoline
No Spark Plugs
No Radiator
No Coolant
No Tune-ups
No Timing Belt

Free supercharging for ever and ever...

Parking sensors - front & rear (starting May/June 2013) $850.-

With Service Contract:
Free brake pads
Free wheel alignment
Unlimited wiper blades

riceuguy | 15. April 2013

George...where are you getting the parking sensor information??

Runar | 15. April 2013

850 for park, that has to be retrofit price. Way to high if its the coming option, compared to eu price.

Pulse | 15. April 2013

$850 for parking sensors is just nuts!!. Hope its not true.
Just for comparison, agree they are not the same, but this kit costs $70.

shop | 16. April 2013

And it does have a radiator. Three of them actually. And coolant. You just can't see it. But I do like the rest of the list, especially the no smog/emissions check.

liviu | 16. April 2013

They should go with this kind of parking sensors (antena all around the bumper on the inside):
If they mount one in the lowest point of the bumper (front&rear) you will never touch the high curbs (specialy in europe). That antena can cover all the bumper from the left-front (near the wheel) to the right-front (also near the wheel) and the same in the back.
When the car have the active variable air suspension, the car can automaticaly higher itself if detect a low curb when parking (aproaching slow speed)
Also a middle-high one antena sensor should be used (front and rear) to measure the proximity with other cars/objects.
This kind of proximity sensors will not be visible and should fit for the perfect car that Elon Musk is building.
If they create nice 3D animation on the screen, will be perfect!

They can use this kind of sensors on the side, unde the doors (all the lateral). Some times when parking with back you can scratch your car there.

This sensors can be used for the MODEL X in the FALCON doors, on the outside and inside to control the closing and the opening of the door, so the door never hurts or even touch you when moving!

booman | 23. April 2013

Is the $850 true for US Models? Where'd you get that info from? | 23. April 2013

I've never seen any publication of $850 for US models - actually nothing at all about parking sensors for the US. I've seen a few reports in other forums about $850, but nothing relating to something official from Tesla.

Tesla MS European deliveries have the option for $450 Euros. At the current exchange rate, this is about $588, but this is not a price set by Tesla, so it could be more or less. It's in the competitive ballpark, as A 2013 Porsche Boxster has parking assist option for $860.

While the aftermarket hardware is fairly cheap (I bought mine for $70 for the front sensors), it also took about 16 hours of labor to install and another $30 in parts. And while it works well and looks great, it is not integrated into the 17" display (mine mounts unobtrusively on top of the rear view mirror.

Here's my entire step-by-step installation with lots of photos. It clearly took longer than needed as I was learning how to do it and documenting along the way: