Model S Flash Cards

Model S Flash Cards

With no noise or engine to rev, how do we communicate to other drivers? I wished I had a flash card the other day that said "Dream on" or something similar to the guy next to me trying to egg me on. I knew he did not stand a chance and did not even bother show him which upset him I believe and he settled for taking my photo. Anyway, just for fun, what are some suggested "Flash Cards?" Maybe Vroom Vroom, or "Fat Chance" or "You've been Electrocuted" or ... your suggestions please.

Brian H | 07. November 2012

I Don't Pick on Pipsqueaks.

0-60, 4.4
Don't Bother Me

ChasF | 08. November 2012

The last thing this EV revolution needs, specifically Tesla owners, is to be labeled as pretentious, arrogant, condescending a--holes that turn up their noses at those not in EVs. Witty comebacks and put downs are nothing but counter productive to Tesla's goals. It's going to be tough enough as it is to get past the rich, tree hugging moniker placed on us now by the media and anti-environmentalist.

tomas.hutters | 08. November 2012

Well put, ChasF!

Hogfighter | 08. November 2012

Just blow his doors off. That says it all.

David M. | 08. November 2012

+1 ChasF

mrspaghetti | 08. November 2012


Lighten up. We're sharing humor here, not instructions.

MarkV | 08. November 2012

My intention was humor. Now I do see a negative side though so whoever removes threads please feel free to do so.

Timo | 08. November 2012

Led infoscreen at the back window with text "bye bye" when you press accelerator (can't be much longer text, they wont have time to read it).

Brian H | 09. November 2012

"Have mercy!"
Then blow his doors off.

Ceilidh | 09. November 2012

Just toss they guy a copy of any performance review in any automotive magazine through your window, then drive within the limits of the law and as weather conditions dictate with as much fun as possible ;)

Brian H | 09. November 2012

"You wish!"