Model X Design Studio

Model X Design Studio

On the earnings call, Elon said the Design Studio should open up in July.


ken | 06. Mai 2015

Not as we were hoping in May but better than the estimates of August at the earliest.

ken | 06. Mai 2015

Also he said that there would be a fast ramp up to as many MX's/week as MS's within two months of release.

vperl | 06. Mai 2015

I await the actual number produced. | 06. Mai 2015

Elon seemed somewhat at loose ends when asked to predict when the design studio would open for the MX. He had to remind himself that it is now May, for heaven's sake! It's not as as though this is not an important milestone. Surely, they have already outlined plans for the reveal event including a date. Surely, the opening of the Design Studio will coordinate with that. It blows my mind that he couldn't off the top of his head blurt out July 4 or some such.

As @BrianH suggested earlier, on the day in July that it becomes possible to order the MX the website will experience very heavy traffic. There will probably be 10s of thousands of orders, including many from non-reservation holders. | 06. Mai 2015

Its funny, it seemed like he was mentally counting months in his head when he answered that question.

vandacca | 06. Mai 2015

George, the availability of the design studio does not have to necessarily coincide with the reveal. Its quite possible to open the design studio, provide the reservation holders with the necessary options without revealing a lot of the Model-X secrets. Then a month or two later, when they deliver the first Model-X, they can have their big reveal.

I'm not saying that it will go this way, but rather that this is one possibility. They may have a reveal date in mind and the design studio just needs to be available at some point ahead of the reveal date, which they haven't nailed down yet. | 07. Mai 2015

Looks like the PowerWall "lottery" has begun. The page on the Tesla MOTORS website devoted to the box of batteries is much more elaborate than the MX page. You can now reserve a PowerWall with shipments beginning before the poor old MX that is beginning to feel like the long lost, no-account black sheep brother (or sister) of the Tesla MOTORS family.

vandacca | 07. Mai 2015

If it makes you feel any better George, Elon said that they were sold out of the PowerWalls until mid 2016. And technically, Model-X deliveries also begin this summer! But like the Model-X, very few people will actually be getting their PowerWall this summer.

Guy2095 | 07. Mai 2015,

Given the history of this website, my impression was that what was going through his mind was:

They said it would be ready by X, when it probably won't really be readable or functional; it usually takes them Y after that, then when they get it working it's not going to be something I want the public to see so they have to make a lot changes which will then make it unusable again, which will take until Z to fix, so yeah, July (maybe.)

Brian H | 07. Mai 2015

"counting mentally in his head"? What alternative site is there? ;)

vandacca | 07. Mai 2015

Brian, you need to forgive the repetitiveness and redundancy of these statement. >:-)

jordanrichard | 07. Mai 2015

Elon has flat out said before that there won't be a big "reveal". No one will know what special features it has until the deliveries start.

Also, as for him getting on him for not remembering what month we are in, are you kidding? Like you never wrote a check in the first month of a new year and wrote the previous year.

In the earnings call he did say that the deliveries would trickle out in late Q3. | 07. Mai 2015

OK, @jordan, Elon is human but come on. They only have two cars to keep track of: the Model S in production and the Model X to be in production 3 or 4 months from now. How hard is that for him to keep track of on the days that he is wearing his Tesla hat? He only needs two fingers. What is he "toking"? :-))

Detroit SuperCharger | 07. Mai 2015

Well, he's only got two "cars" to keep track of while wearing his Tesla hat, BUT . . . there's the "first" GigaFactory and it's related milestones, and now there's 3 other products in an entirely different line (with other launches, reveals, and related products I'm sure) to keep track of. Then of course, there's the whole "saving humanity by getting us to Mars", "satellite launches for cheap/free? hi-speed internet", HyperLoop test track, integration and alignment with SolarCity, Electric Jet ideas, if you were to consider the "other hats", not to mention future Tesla Models (reveals & milestones) sooo . . . . I'muh let the genius slide on the "what month is it anyway?" thing :)

jjs | 08. Mai 2015

+1 Detroit SuperCharger
You paint a succinct picture of a genius (and his team) at (probably)the height of his/their productivity. I'm having a lot of fun watching this as it unfolds. I'm in awe.

Left, right, environmentalist or climate skeptic does not play into this. Genius at this level is something to behold. | 09. Mai 2015

I'm not so forgiving as you nice people. He is a very smart guy, maybe even a genius in some ways but he doesn't walk on water. His personal life has been a mess. He tweets what and when he shouldn't. He is almost as bad a public speaker as Ted Turner. He has micromanaged the Model X into a year or more of schedule slips. His entry into the market in China was uninformed and ill-managed. Now he has entered the battery storage business on top of all his other distractions.

We'll be lucky if he doesn't manage to work himself to death or into a nervous breakdown. I have to admit that he has shown admirable resilience to date. And I love the car that he has managed to commercialize. As a shareholder, I wish him every success. As a person holding a Model X reservation, I hope to share his enthusism for the X.

Brian H | 10. Mai 2015

Don't be bitter, reconsider!

AlMc | 10. Mai 2015

How much time does a potential X buyer need to configure their vehicle? I doubt there will be many options. Paint/interior color, battery size, performance, third row seat and 'tech package'.

If you are an S owner, how long did you debate/agonize over your choices? A week?

Elon: He is more concerned with the quality control and supply train than an exact date for opening the design studio on a certain date. They have a backlog of X orders that will take them a year to fill even if they do not get even one more reservation.
I want him to concentrate on getting a great product out and meeting some ambitious goals on ramp up. The design studio could open 1 week before Sig production and I could make the decision to buy/not to buy (cost/features) and if I choose to buy, configure within a week, easily.

jjs | 10. Mai 2015

@george - Again we find ourselves on different sides of the coin.


a) Bad public speaker? I will take honest, accurate and substantive over glib, slick and vapid ANY DAY!

b) Micromanaged the Model X into delay? I don't think so. I think the X has been delayed as much due to sufficient access to batteries as anything else. Does he have a penchant for perfectionism, it seems so, but that does not mean that that was a significant reason for the X delay.

c) Tweets when he shouldn't? Double edge sword here. On the one had he does tweet some things that a "normal" CEO would not. However he has ZERO advertising budget and what notoriety he has garnered via free publicity is impressive. I think his tweets have been a net positive.

d) Battery storage distraction? Or much needed hedge against downturn? I still am a fan of the storage business both because of mission and as a stock holder. In the first few days they had %800 million in reservations.

e) Maybe? a genius. SERIOUSLY? He is a genius with repeat success. Zip2, PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, helped form Solar City, and in his spare time detailed a potentially new form of ground transportation called the hyperloop! MAYBE? Yeah, he is firmly and clearly in the upper echelon of effective geniuses.

a) China - Stubbed toe.

b) He does not walk on water.

c) His personal life has been rocky.

d) I too worry that he could work himself to an early grave.

Ankit Mishra | 10. Mai 2015

With the level of things he is doing, he is going to have problems finding a partner of his calibre.
Bad speaker? He speaks clear enough to be understood. Good speakers arent doing any stuff for benefit of humanity, they are only good at speaking.
Model X has falcon wing doors which took a lot of time to be perfected. Any new developments are always having risk of unexpected problems. I believe Model X will blow people's minds when it is launched.
His goal from the beginning has been guiding humanity yowards clean energy. He is going to be doing a lot of things that most people cant fathom. Batteries are part of that plan.
He is doing what he loves. He certainly knows to take steps so that he keeps on doing it without any problems (health or any).

Guy2095 | 10. Mai 2015

Bad public speaker? NOT!

He is an amazingly EFFECTIVE public speaker with an intriguing unique style that works perfectly with his mission.

vandacca | 10. Mai 2015

I'm sorry to disagree with most of you, but I have to side with George on this one. I love Elon Musk and I wish I could be his friend. But he is a terrible public speaker. I cringe everytime I hear him speak. He has improved a little since the Model-X reveal, but he is still a very poor public speaker. He uses "Uh" a lot and has a staccato form of speaking, not very flowing at all.

But, I do think he is extremely intelligent, and I have mostly agreed with all of his decisions. I think companies that are driven by a single individual (e.g. Steve Jobs at Apple) tend to have a focus and direction that really makes it stand apart from the competition. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk differ in a lot of ways (Steve was a good speaker, Elon is much more technical, Steve was maniacal, etc.) but they both have a common drive to push their own vision.

I agree he has made some serious mistakes with China, which is a result of not understanding the culture. But Elon is one to learn from his mistakes and quickly resolves them on his second attempt. That's the thing I like about him, he is not afraid to try something, fail and learn from that failure. | 10. Mai 2015


Maybe my standards for public speaking are too high but he could communicate more information per unit time with fewer "OK"'s and other oral pauses.

Anyway, most of us want the same thing: a well-designed, high quality MX sometime this year, or next year or sometime in the future.

BTW. if they have around 20K reservations for the MX and the capacity to build 1 K per week, that's only 5 months of potential orders to fill, not a year's worth. They are betting a big chunk of the farm on the speculation that many people without resevations will jump on the wagon when the MX is revealed and Youtube videos start popping up with a big crossover out-accelerating sports cars to 60 mph.

NumberOne | 10. Mai 2015

The Model X is beyond comparison, to paraphrase Elon. Imagine that 20k + people have put money down to reserve Model X while only a handful have actually seen one of the original prototypes. Nearly all of the 20k + reservation holder have yet to touch it or sit in it, and no one has been for a test drive.

Model S had far fewer reservation holders when it was first released, and once word got round and people were able to see one, the orders just kept coming, even at such a premium price. I am willing to put money on what I consider to be the fact that the Model X will be the best selling SUV over $70k of all time. (so far and possibly even in the future.)

JeffreyR | 14. Mai 2015

Why so many reservations?

Model X prototype reveal went very well.
Lots of interest from existing Model S/Roadster owners. Cross-over + second car works well for many families.
Tesla is in much better financial/survival shape than when Model S was introduced.
The Model S is an awe-inspiring success.
The SuperCharger Network is much more built out than before (some who refuse to divide by zero would say infinitely more).
Dual-motor, all-wheel-drive capability was a unique feature.

Why so few reservations?

Just a prototype reveal is available.
Tesla has focused on converting reservations of MX into purchases of MS.
Tesla has removed almost all marketing of the Model X from their website.
Can you say soon?
No test drives.
Dual-motor, all-wheel-drive capability was a unique feature.

Teoatawki | 14. Mai 2015

As to Elon's public speaking: He is extremely intelligent, to the point where his thoughts outrun his voice, so he has to re sync his stream of thought fairly frequently. This is where the pauses and "okay" and other filler vocalizations pop up.

That said, he communicates more useful information in 10 minutes than an hour of verbal tap dancing from a more typical CEO.

I'll take Elon anytime.

All Elon would have to do to bring his public speaking up to a much higher level is to read prepared text.

God forbid.

ernie | 14. Mai 2015

Rx for Elon: "Toastmasters". He violates more public speaking rules than Yogi Berra has malaprops to his credit...and Yogi holds the world record. Getting distracted by audience outbursts is something great speakers either work off of or ignore. He was not able to do either. No apology for the latest starting time of a press conference in history. A great speaker invigorates the audience not enervates. The goal is to not make them wish they were at the bar having a cold one.

@Guy2095 we do indeed have different standards.

Red Sage ca us | 14. Mai 2015

My broker is Elon Musk, and Elon Musk says...

jjs | 15. Mai 2015

Elon made me broker too. $100K broker. :)

I relent. Those criticizing Elon's public speaking ability are correct. It is not at all world class. Not up to par with the content. I liken his speaking to unrefined gold. A really really large chunk of unrefined gold, rather dull but of great value. Most CEO's speech shines and glitters. You know, kinda like fools gold.

ian | 15. Mai 2015

+1. Well put jjs.

Red Sage ca us | 15. Mai 2015

They smiling in your face...
All the while they wanna take your place...
The backstabbers...

Ankit Mishra | 15. Mai 2015

He is expanding the horizons for humanity. Development is slow doing that. It's unknown waters. It is because of that pinpoint content is not always available in his talks. | 26. Mai 2015

I love to listen to Elon, just like most people. He is a fascinating personality and his track record is astonishing.
But I still wish he wouldn't bumble around so much.

I was at the launch of the NeXT computer. Steve Jobs was perfection personified for the presentation. Everything went perfectly. It was a tour de force for the purpose.

Elon is not Steve Jobs, although just as maniacal about his babies. Elon is a technologist. He approaches everything from "first principles" but he is building consumer products, so he listens to criticisms about missing features or screw-ups in execution and responds positively where appropriate. It gives me confidence that Tesla will succeed in its mission because even when they zig-zag a little, they move so fast they they still come out ahead. It's kind of like the Model S in traffic. You tromp on the accelerator and suddenly you are in a time warp with all the other vehicles on the road frozen in place.

So let's get that design studio going in, what day is it?, May 26? Let's see, next month is June, OK, OK uh, let's open the design studio for the MX in, which month is that? OK. July. :-))

vperl | 26. Mai 2015

Glad to read the criticisms of Elon, I am sure all you guys are loads better at speaking, organizing, funding, and all the other skills that you have acquired over your years of success in start up companies and getting products in the market place.

Good job, road side warriors. Keep up your accomplishments and update your wiki page.

Ankit Mishra | 26. Mai 2015

Electric Cars and Space exploration are much perilous fields that making a personal computer. There were lot of computer guys but only one guy spearheading clean energy and space exploration when humans didnt wanted to do these fields with priority.

vperl | 28. Mai 2015


Brian Vicars | 29. Mai 2015

Elon reminders me of the character, Sheldon on the "The Big Bang Theory", so much intelligence that it affects his social & public speaking abilities.
On another note, I have read many times in this forum, of people with leased cars who are hoping that their X will arrive around lease end.
I am of another car buying world. My present & most recent purchase, primary automobile is a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria which I bought new. This car will we gifted to my grandson who will graduate from college in June. My other car which I also purchased new in Feb 1978 for $8,008 Canadian is a Chevy Impala. 38 winters and still no rust & running well @ 462,000 Kms. We will use the Impala as our primary vehicle until our Signature X sequence #71 arrives. My weegee board says that the Design Studio will open in early July & my oldest granddaughter wishes to help my wife & I pick out the interior/exterior colours. Question... Is it likely that the Signature X will come with extra colour choices? | 29. Mai 2015

@brianvicars1: What's the rush? You are already 7 years behind schedule for your next car purchase?:-))
Colors? Sorry. Colours? If you have a choice, your granddaughter may help you. If not, you are on your own.
No one but Elon knows and he's not telling. The good news is that you will only have to wait another 5 weeks or so to find out

Brian Vicars | 29. Mai 2015

We Canadians spell colors as colours, eh! I've had lots of years to save for my first ev.

Brian H | 29. Mai 2015

Three new shades of black.