a Model X for FREE

a Model X for FREE

Announcing a new referral program, Tesla today announced a $1000 referral rebate for current Tesla owners referring new Model S sales to the company. In addition, "Tesla says the first customer to make ten referrals in North America, Europe and Asia will get a Model X for free." Other bonuses were announced as well, like a Gigafactory party for those referring five people.

Is this for real?

Ron SigX #1015

Red Sage ca us | 29. Juli 2015

There can be only one.

aesculus | 29. Juli 2015

Maybe I am doing math that is not valid but...

Customers who make 10 referrals will be offered the opportunity to purchase one of Tesla’s exclusive “Founder Series” of Model X, its upcoming crossover sport-utility vehicle.

The program ends in September 30 so does that they won't be delivering founders cars until after Sept 30?

Or does that mean you can have one of the founders cars they made already sometime before now and Sept 30?

pvetesla | 29. Juli 2015

Mine actually said "up until October 31st" which means the Founder Model X may not come out for a while.

This email excited me.... then depressed me. Looks like my hopes of having an MX soon mean I'll have to either win the Founders car or wait until 2016.


Red Sage ca us | 29. Juli 2015

Hmmm... Seems to me they mean the 'winner' will have the privilege of taking delivery of the LAST Founders Edition Model X. Do not despair (especially if you have an ebay account).

gerardP | 30. Juli 2015

I am not interested to buy a model X at this point in time...I only dearly want my model X ;)...
Yet what is interesting in the announcement is the quoted price difference beween fully loaded X and base model X: about 25000 $. At least we know something to think about...

Jonathangarner | 30. Juli 2015

Too bad MX reservation holders are not eligible. I am already referring friends to Tesla.

ronmerkord | 30. Juli 2015

I have to admit, I do find this new program a little bit worrying for the timeline of the X. It seems that Tesla Motors has changed from saying that they are supply limited in the production of their cars, to now using promotions like this to rapidly increase Model S sales.

From a shareholder standpoint, it is very important for them to meet their expected 55,000 deliveries by the end of the year, which they have said that they would do with the new production line coming online in order to fill Model X orders. The timing of this promotion, ending October 31st, makes me think that they might not be using Model X orders to keep this extra production line busy.

I hope I am wrong, as I am eagerly awaiting my Model X, and I'd love to get it by Thanksgiving.

SigX #1015 | 30. Juli 2015

@Ron: Everyone is pulling for you.

ian | 30. Juli 2015

@gerardP - That's the price difference between a top of the line X with NO options and one with ALL the options. Think metallic paint upgrade, carbon fiber spoiler, pano roof, winter package, premium interior, upgraded stereo, 21" wheels, "next gen" seats, etc. Those are all options on the P85D.


Paul Carter | 30. Juli 2015

@gerardP: warning. Founders Model X won't be equal to Production Model X base. They're likely to be almost fully loaded with only a few options left to choose from. | 30. Juli 2015

@ian: I'm thinking that there will be no pano roof option but third row seating has been stated as optional. Tow hitch may be an option.

the bonnie | 04. August 2015

I wouldn't worry that the Oct 31st end of program is indicative of progress with production.

Let's say you qualified on October 31st to buy a Founders X - then you need to configure & wait for it to be built. That would push things way out, way past any reasonable expectation.

I'm am nearly 100% certain that the Founders vehicles for the referral program will just be built whenever someone qualifies for one - and that regular production vehicles might even be built in advance of these particular vehicles.

Out of order, sure. But how else do you deliver an early X to someone who doesn't have a Signature reservation or early production reservation? Give 'em a Founders! Those can be built anytime & won't upset those of us with early places in line.