Model X police cars

Model X police cars

With the acceleration of the Telsa S P85D wouldn't it be a good replacement for the Ford Crown Victoria? Imagine looking into your rear view mirror 3.2 seconds after you have exceeded the speed limit? Assuming YOU are not driving a Tesla X P100D.

Brian Vicars | 25. Februar 2015

System software police option update could override the gull wing doors so that the law enforcement officer could swoop down on you.

grant10k | 25. Februar 2015

I've been in many high speed chases and the few times a police officer jumps from their car to mine, they've all later said they regretted doing it. One officer said she only did it to impress the K9 unit in the back seat.

I think a more cost effective solution would be to buy 4 Crown Vics instead of a single Tesla X and just box you in instead.

Then again, it would send a strong message to the criminals of the world: "Just pull over. We've got a very nice 2nd row."

ian | 25. Februar 2015

Exactly. With the way Elon is touting those second row seats, the perps will be clamoring for a ride!

Brian Vicars | 26. Februar 2015

No grant10K, the Ford Crown Victoria was discontinue in 2011. Any you see om service now will be retired very soon. The majority of law enforcement vehicles & taxis in the past were Chevy Impala/Caprice from 1977 to 1991, then Ford Crown Victoria from 1992 to 2011. There is now no common replacement. The Model X will be too expensive for law enforcement.

vandacca | 26. Februar 2015

Tesla (Model-S or Model-X) would make for a great police car. They could eliminate a lot of that custom equipment and screen and use the 17" display instead, giving them a lot more space inside. They could re-purpose the external cameras to scan and identify license plates in real time (do they still do that?). Not only that, but the best way to catch a Tesla is if you're in a Tesla. ;)

Maybe Elon Musk should donate one to the police force, similar to what Lamborghini did in Italy

grant10k | 26. Februar 2015

@brianvicars1 "The Model X will be too expensive for law enforcement."

What the crap? You brought it up.

"You know what would be cool? If you could open the X doors and fly over traffic"

"Yeah, haha. Gotta watch out for power lines though. Or maybe they could charge your car while you fly"

"No, the doors don't provide lift, and if they did, the only power is provided by the wheels in contact with the ground. It would never work"


Brian Vicars | 26. Februar 2015

I predict that electric vehicles will eventually dominate law enforcement vehicles when the cost of batteries goes down significantly.
Model S has a governor to restrict the speed and torque in reverse.
In the future I think that electric vehicles for use with the police forces will have ac motor with torque values far exceeding those available to the general public. This added performance would be locked out in cases where the vehicle is driven by unauthorized individuals.

Red Sage ca us | 26. Februar 2015

I expect that local police departments and other organizations in urban municipal areas will be replacing fleet vehicles used for inspections and citations with the Tesla Model ≡ come 2018.

vperl | 07. April 2015

MS , back seat way to small.

Never happen for years, unless we strap your carcuss on the hood

ArieK | 09. April 2015

Interesting thing is we talked about this back in 2012 regarding the Model S. As far as I know, unfortunately that hasn't happened. So what changed to make the Model X a success for an average police department?

rn | 09. April 2015

sooner or later we have to upgrade the police cars to electrics, no doubt about it.

vandacca | 09. April 2015

If the police cars are not upgraded to EVs sooner than later, someone will get charged with battery...

ian | 09. April 2015

Badump bump ching!

Brian H | 09. April 2015

They would be discharged with a C+ rating.

carlgo2 | 09. April 2015

The CHP uses Ford Explorers. Saw one on tv attempting a PIT maneuver on a fleeing truck. Totalled out the Explorer. You need a big crude vehicle. It would cost $100K every time a Tesla attempted to do this!

Not sure why they don't just use big crew cab trucks. The speeds rarely get over 100 and trucks are just fine with the right suspension and all.

Brian H | 10. April 2015

Jet-propelled EMP dollies.