Nat Geo MegaFactories in English

Nat Geo MegaFactories in English

Just in case it is not readily available elsewhere

dr.jacks.tesla | 06. Dezember 2012

My first comment! This was great to watch, thanks!

archibaldcrane | 06. Dezember 2012

Man, Elon is rocking a SERIOUS neck beard.

TikiMan | 07. Dezember 2012

After watching the video, just for juxtaposition, I watched the episode on building the Nissan GTR.

While I respect Nissan / Infiniti, it's amazing how much useless time and energy goes into building the GTR, which cost about as much as a P85, and is really not that much faster (where it really counts). Also, it's a HUGE gas guzzler, and not a very useful sport car for anything other than drag racing in a straight line.

It quickly makes you realize how far behind the automotive industry really is. It's almost as if a hundred years after the first steam locomotives were built, no one improved the technology, and we were still just building more refined versions of the steam-engine.

The auto industry must really be feeling embarrassed by Tesla right about now.