Navigation: distances correct?

Navigation: distances correct?

I typed some addresses into the nav app today and noticed that the range estimates vary from google maps estimates by about 10% (shorter) for a 200-240 mile trip. Anyone else experience this?

Rod and Barbara | 05. Dezember 2012

@ HH - After you type and select an address on the touch screen for navigation a display comes up that has a navigation selection on it and it displays the great circle route (as the crow flies) distance to the destination. It displays this distance because the system hasn't calculated the route yet so it doesn't know what the actual distance is. If you select navigation, the correct distance will be displayed in the turn-by-turn navigation display.

HH | 05. Dezember 2012

Got it. Thanks R&B!

Volker.Berlin | 10. Dezember 2012

HH, others made the same observation and were similarly irritated. Maybe you should bring this issue to Tesla's attention -- a small change in the user interface may be all that's needed to clarify this once and for all.

HH | 10. Dezember 2012

Good idea Volker... Thanks for the suggestion. I took a trip fom DC to NYC (made it with 7 miles of range to spare!) and have a small list of things that could be improved on the nav app.

Volker.Berlin | 11. Dezember 2012

HH, check the "Prioritized Software Enhancement List" to see if your suggestions are already listed. Add your suggestions that are not already represented, and vote! Tesla is known to follow that thread, so that is one way to give them some hints on their users' peeves and priorities:
("private", i.e., reservation holders and owners only)

At the same time, do not hesitate to communicate your issues directly to your primary contact at Tesla. It's not only for your own good, we "late adopters" (I'm P#3 in Europe) rely on you to iron out the kinks before we get our cars...! ;-)