NEMA 10-30 adapter is now available

NEMA 10-30 adapter is now available

I just ordered the NEMA 10-30 adapter yesterday from my service center. It's available now, and may be in stock at your local service center. It's not yet listed on TM website. About $49.

nickjhowe | 19. Februar 2013

One thing to think about... I will not be buying the TM 10-30 and instead sticking with my own 10-30 to 14-50 pigtail because my UMC won't reach to my dryer outlet, and I doubt it will in many houses.

I'm going UMC/14-50p to 14-50r/14-50p 30 ft extension cable, to 14-50r/10-30p pigtail. Works great. And also means I can use a 14-50r/14-30p pigtail as well at newer houses.

Hills | 19. Februar 2013

Very good point. I would much rather Tesla sold adapters that converted the 14-50 to 10-30 and 14-30. I had wanted to avoid making my own, but @nickjhowe's post is quite insightful. What good is the adapter if it won't reach the dryer plug?

nickjhowe | 19. Februar 2013

In the UK we never have dryers in the garage, but here in the US it is relatively common - so it might not be as bad as I suggested.

But I know that at my mother-in-law's I want to park in her drive but still plug in, and therefore need the extension.

Dwdnjck@ca | 19. Februar 2013

My dryer plug is in my laundry room, on the other side of my garage wall. All I have to do is poke a hole through the wall and turn the 10-30 plug around. Perfect!

GeekEV | 19. Februar 2013

It's not listed in the online shop yet though..

Sudre_ | 20. Februar 2013

To me charging on an extension cord no matter what the guage is a temporary fix.
If your needing more than the Tesla provided charge cord and/or adapter everday it would be a good idea to spend the bucks and install a plug near the car. I just can't see rolling a cord out across the house everyday.

For charging other than at home nick makes a good point.

Great to hear they have the adapter. I am hoping once the STL service center is open I will be able to just pick them up there.

edavis008 | 20. Februar 2013

If our power cord has a NEMA 14-50 male plug, can't we just get a NEMA 14-50 extension cord and use the adaptor on the end of the extension cord?

jat | 20. Februar 2013

@edavis008 - The adapter connects to Tesla's proprietary connector, so the only way you can use a 14-50 extension cord is if you use the Tesla 14-50 adapter and then make your own adapter from 14-50 to 10-30/14-30/etc.

edavis008 | 20. Februar 2013

@jat - so if we can't use a 14-50 extension cord, does anyone sell a 10-30 extension cord?

jat | 20. Februar 2013

Possibly, though it seems likely you would have to make your own since people don't generally put their dryers a long way from the outlet and vent.

nickjhowe | 20. Februar 2013

@Sudre_ - the only reason for my extension cord is the 3 or 4 times a year we visit my mother-in-law's. Although "The Villages, FL" is heading towards 100,000 people it is still in the middle of nowhere.

@edavis008 - if you are trying to get to a 14-50 outlet a long way from the car, then yes, a 14-50 extension is exactly what you need. If (like me) you want the insurance of being able to plug into different outlets then you'll need different 'pigtails' - plug/outlet converters that you can attach to the end of the extension.

To re-iterate - for me it is really only about being able to use a 14-30 outlet 50ft from the car, a few times a year. The other pigtails I built were more for fun and 'what the heck, I might as well, just in case' than anything else. HTH.

edavis008 | 20. Februar 2013

jat and nickjhowe - thanks for your help!

Theresa | 20. Februar 2013

FYI, If you make your own extension cord to go from 14-30 to 14-50 most plugs that you buy for this have both spades included and it is an easy matter to switch between a 14-30 plug and a 14-50 plug. I have made several pigtails for other ends such as 6-50 that I used for my Roadster and planned to use the same extension cord for the S. I used #6 wire so it is plenty heavy to use for all my needs.

Hills | 20. Februar 2013

Anyone willing to write detailed instructin of "14-50 female to 14-30 male adapter for dummies?" A list of precise parts to buy, and how to put them together. I think lots have been written about this subject, but not step by step with what to buy listed. E.g. What is a spade?

jat | 20. Februar 2013

@Hills - the really easy way is to take a 14-50 extension cord, and then just cut off the neutral connector on the plug end. Presto, you have a 14-50 to 14-30 adapter, and an extension cable to boot (you will still have to dial the current down to 24A in the car). The neutral is the only pin that is different and isn't used by the Mobile Connector anyway.

gregv64 | 20. Februar 2013

Just note that there are dangers in making adaptors like that. The car will think you have a 50 amp breaker, and will try and draw 40 amps unless you dial it down manually. Best case it flips the breaker, worst case the breaker fails to flip (not entirely uncommon) and the house burns down. If the 10-30 adaptor is available from Tesla, then that's $49 well spent in my opinion.

jat | 20. Februar 2013

@gregv64 - which is why I said you had to dial the current down to 24A.

shop | 20. Februar 2013

Greg - good point, you can just see the possibility of forgetting to dial down the amps after a long drive.

Hills | 20. Februar 2013

@Jat, Thank You.
What to do about the 10-30?

BTW I bought one of those beefy 6 gauge beautiful 14-50 extension cords for >$100, so I guess I may buy a cheaper 2nd one for the 14-30?

Theresa | 20. Februar 2013

jat, I would not just eliminate the neutral as there is a reason for those things (like safety!?!?).

Hills, If you go to your local Home Depot (or wherever you would get your electrical parts from) and open the box for a 14-30/50 plug you will see they give you both spades to use for the neutral. FYI a spade is one of the metal thingies that you plug into the outlet. A 14-30 plug (male end) to 14-50 outlet (female end) is wired one for one. X goes to X, Y goes to Y, ground goes to ground, neutral goes to neutral.

I have not done a 10-30 adaptor so I can't comment on that.

GeekEV | 20. Februar 2013

The neutral on a 14-50/-30 is only used for 120V operation. 240V does not use neutral. However, subject to the afore mentioned caveat about needing to dial down the amperage, you can shave down the neutral pin to fit both as there is substantial overlap between the two... The best of both worlds?

FYI, here's a great resource to get extension cords, custom made cords, etc., if you're not inclined to DIY:

jat | 20. Februar 2013

@Theresa - what GeekEV said -- the two hot lines are either 180 degrees out of phase (giving 240V between them) or 120 degrees out of phase (giving 208V between them). The neutral is the ground potential, so between neutral and one of the hots is 120V, and it is only needed if you have any 120V loads. That is why a 6-50 plug does not have a neutral, as it only supplies 240V loads.

@GeekEV - It should work fine to just cut off the neutral pin on the Tesla 14-50 adapter (third part adapters for the LEAF do exactly that, so it can plug into a 14-30, 14-50, or 14-60 outlet), but personally, if I were going to hack the Tesla adapter, I would buy another one just to make sure I didn't screw it up and in that case you might as well buy an official adapter that will report the right max current.

Hills | 20. Februar 2013

I now understand solution to the 14-30. I will buy a second, shorter 14-50 extension cord and just cut off the neutral.

What about the 10-30?

Hills | 20. Februar 2013

@Geek EV:
I went to the Stayonline link,
For male, I selected NEMA 10-30: 125/250 Volt, 30 Amp - 3Pole 3Wire.
For Female, I can't find Nema 14-50

f-tal | 20. Februar 2013

I purchased the following Nema 14-50 connector (female on cord) from Amazon, and am waiting for it to arrive.

I purchased a Nema 14-30 plug (male on cord) with a cord from Stayonline and got it a couple of weeks ago.

edavis008 | 20. Februar 2013

So, if I need and extension cord to reach a 10-30 dryer plug while visiting relatives, I can simply buy a replacement dryer cord and a 10-30 female receptacle and make my own extension cord, right? I only need about a 10 foot extension.

jat | 20. Februar 2013

@Hills - the reason is that there is no ground on the 10-30, so it won't be a standard thing they will do. You might be able to call them up and have them make one if you explain how it will be used.

nickjhowe and I have described how we made our 10-30 => 14-50 adapters in several threads already, but I will do it here again.

*** Use this at your own risk, and only if you know what you are doing. ***

Get a 10-30 dryer cable, a 14-50 outlet, a deep metal box, and a metal cover with a round hole that fits the 14-50 outlet. Cut off the lugs on the 10-30 cable and strip the insulation back as needed. Wire the two hots to the hot legs on the 14-50 receptacle, and the neutral on the 10-30 cable to the ground on the 14-50. I left neutral unconnected on mine rather than tying ground and neutral together in the 14-50 receptacle (they are bonded in the main breaker panel, which is why this works and is mostly ok) -- I feel that is safer because if anything besides your car is ever plugged in, 120V loads simply won't work rather than potentially send back delta current on the neutral which will be exposed on the ground at the adapter. When you are done, make sure that the metal box is grounded (most receptacles should do this automatically), and mark it as only for use with the Tesla Mobile Connector.

@edavis008 - yes, though I don't remember seeing one longer than 6'.

edavis008 | 20. Februar 2013

@jat - thanks very much!

Hills | 20. Februar 2013

Would you help one more time
Would these two work together? (you know much more about this than I do)
The receptacle picture below is wrong, I believe, as it comes in both 30 amp and 50 amp versions and the one I want is 50 amp. This Camco receptacle 55353 can replace outlet and plug?

jat | 20. Februar 2013

@Hills - yes, assuming you get the 14-50 female version of the Camco adapter.

Hills | 20. Februar 2013

@jat, thanks again.

@edavis008, my post above includes link for 10' dryer extension

shop | 22. Februar 2013

I called my San Diego service center. No nema 10-30 available, he didn't expect them in for a while. He couldn't even order it.

mcptwo | 22. Februar 2013

I just received my NEMA 10-30 adapter from:

John Rowell

Feb 8

to me
Yes, we can provide this adapter. The price will be $49 + tax (free shipping included). Just make sure when using it to set the charging rate to less than 30 amps (24 amps is recommended) to avoid exceeding the NEMA 10-30 outlet's capacity. With the NEMA 10-30 outlet, the neutral is supposed to be bonded to ground at the breaker panel, and the car's charger has ground fault protection, so it will be safe. That said, I understand Tesla does offer a NEMA 10-30 adapter for the Model S, so it's up to you which route you decide to take.

And although a little bulky, it looks like it will work fine.


John Rowell

mcptwo | 22. Februar 2013

And Tesla does not yet offer the adapter.........

jat | 22. Februar 2013

@mcptwo - Good -- I was very happy with the work did for upgrading my LEAF EVSE to support 16A@240V (which their regular adapters are intended for), so I am sure he will do a fine job. It isn't much more than what the parts would cost, so if you aren't up to building it yourself you should take him up on his offer.

christine_orita | 25. Februar 2013

@mcptwo, can you post a picture of the 10-30 to 14-50 adapter? I too have friends who have old dryer outlet with 10-30R receptacles and they don't mind me pluggin in in an emergency.

Have you used yours yet and how many miles per hr is it charging at?

I am considering going to John Rowell of for the same adapter since TM doesn't provide 1 yet but would like your feedback before I do that. Is it built with 10gauge?

GeekEV | 25. Februar 2013

@jat - and are two very different people...

jat | 25. Februar 2013

@GeekEV - sorry, I assumed they were related since he said these adapters were for units. Still, it isn't complicated, and if he is doing it as a business it should be fine.

GeekEV | 25. Februar 2013

@jat - Agreed...

dortor | 05. März 2013

photos of the Tesla Model S NEMA 10-30 & 14-30 adapters are now posted here:

For those interested I high recommend the PDF posted here:

this topic is being re-discussed here:

there is not much new information - so if you already know what's posted here - just moving along - nothing to see…

trunghung | 13. Mai 2013

I just bought this cable a week ago from . I decided to install a full 50amp outlet instead so I don't have a need for this cable. I paid $75 ($69 + tax) for it. I can sell it for $70. will ship it to you for free. i can accept payment via paypal.

vperl | 18. September 2016

Well, there is no link above FOR the NEMA 14-30 adapter .

Instead of going thru the service center.


Thought i would supply a new updated link.t o the rest of the form