New Car Ads From Other Car Makers/First Trip To Gas Station

New Car Ads From Other Car Makers/First Trip To Gas Station

I'm about a month in to my Pearl White 60. It has completely changed how I look at new car ads from other manufacturers. When they tout their "all new," "innovative," or "advanced" cars I can't help smiling and thinking, "um, not so much."

On another note, last Sunday I made my first trip to the gas station since taking delivery of my MS. I needed fuel for my motorcycle. It felt like visiting a museum.

dtesla | 30. April 2013

Since Jan. 9th I've needed one gallon of gas for the lawnmower. It felt very odd to purchase gas. I parked in the adjacent lot and walked over. It just didn't feel right to pull up to the pump in the MS.

stephen.kamichik | 30. April 2013

I just received my first credit card statement with no gas bills on it. I received my model S on April 11, 2013.

negarholger | 30. April 2013

I went for 20+ years to the same gas station and folks there have been always nice and personal. I think I will go and buy some sparkling water.

dstiavnicky | 30. April 2013

My family is so tired of hearing me laugh and mock all other car ads... those ads are pathetically grasping at straws.

I wonder if horse ads (when the car was invented) talked about the new 'technology' surrounding their new poop scooper?

Brian H | 30. April 2013

Also ask for a pint of electrons. Then giggle.

negarholger | 30. April 2013

yeh the ones in a Alu pop can that I can pour into the battery.