New Model X video (4/21/15) - testing Lane Keeping Assist

New Model X video (4/21/15) - testing Lane Keeping Assist

Looking good!

New Model X video, testing Lane Keeping Assist.

PMadFlyer | 21. April 2015

It looks to have a dark spot where a rear view mirror would be placed. Also, the doors are far better lined up, and the previous damage is repaired.

EVino | 21. April 2015

or a different mule altogether.

Khagge1 | 21. April 2015

This makes me really want mine now!!!!! | 21. April 2015

Excellent shots! The windshield appears to be disguised. The headlight holes look like empty eye sockets. The FW doors no longer look like I glued them on. Either the nose cone is painted over or no longer exists. This might be a new look for the MS this summer. Where is the cute little Tesla logo on the side of the front fender? If they take that off, I may reconsider my reservation. :-)) | 21. April 2015

@EVino: I agree. It looks like the driver is forcing the car out of the lane to the right and then letting the car correct the deviation. Interesting. Rel. 7 feature?

EVino | 21. April 2015

@george, yes, the incremental completion of autopilot that we're all waiting for. We have TACC and Lane Departure Warning. Next to come is Lane Keeping, then Lane Change Maneuvering.

@PMadFlyer, interesting observation re missing rearview mirror. I would expect at least a MobileEye camera stack there. | 21. April 2015

Looks like a white wrap on the front and inside the headlights to hide the details. Commonly done by the industry with unreleased vehicles during testing.

David Trushin | 21. April 2015

2 questions.
1. Where is the rear seam for the fw doors? It looks like this is a 2 door.

2. In keeping with 1, how thw heck do you fit three rows of seats in that.

I really don't think this is a model X. Maybe an early mockup.

EVino | 21. April 2015

FW doors are there. Freeze the video at the 6 second mark and the center seam can be seen.

aljjr2 | 21. April 2015

Check the same topic ... There is evidence suggesting that it is the same Mule as seen before. What is being tested remains unknown. | 21. April 2015

@David T: maybe there is an expansion joint that operates when the FW doors open, then crams you in when they close.:-))

grant10k | 21. April 2015

1: The front of the rear door seem is the same seam as the front door. The rear door seam goes from the top of the rear wheel arch, along that little tiny bit of glass, and you can just about make out the bump in the roof where the top of the seam is. You can see a little white speck on the rear wheel arch where the seam starts (though I don't think the speck is part of the door).

2: Yeah, it's hard to wrap my head around too. I think it's because it tapers off so much you'd think you'd hit your head on it. Seems to be plenty of room though I'm guessing that the rear sits lower than in non electric cars. Also I keep picturing the second row in line with the rear of the big window, but I think they sit way further up than that.

jordanrichard | 21. April 2015

The nose cone is there, plain as day, its just under a wrap. Disguising test mules has been going on for decades. You can't judge the lines of the vehicle with all this shrink wrap on it.

EVino | 21. April 2015

How long is the wait currently?

proven | 21. April 2015

From the outside it doesn't look like you could comfortably sit in the third row. However, all the pictures and videos that show the inside of car make it seem like the third row sits lower than a typical suv/minivan, giving you more room.

nina.k | 22. April 2015

What happend with the camera on the sides?

jjs | 22. April 2015

Tesla just couldn't picture it. So they removed it. ;)

Ryan.m7 | 22. April 2015

The tires look like they're wrapped up but they're probably just spinning too fast to see clearly.