new models?

new models?

I've heard your planning on coming out with smaller/more affordable versions of both the model S and X, given they wont be for sale for a few years i'm wondering when you might have rough drawings and specs for those models?

Volker.Berlin | 26. November 2012

IIRC, availability of Gen III is planned for 2015 (the earliest), and for The Next Roadster the year after. Given Tesla's track record of carefully timing publicity events, I don't expect any official information on the new models (other than that they are working on them), while the repercussions of the Model S in the media are strong. They certainly don't want to distract attention from the Model S, and they will keep their powder dry until they need more news to be fed to the public. After the Model S, the Model X will dominate the scene for a while, so my personal expectation is that there won't be any details published with regard to new models before well into 2014.

Brian H | 26. November 2012

Use the Tesla Bulletin Board to ask TM questions directly.

Hadn't heard about smaller versions of the X, though!

jackhub | 26. November 2012

Based on the Model S announcement timing and the build-up of reservations in anticipation of production, we may see an announcement in the Spring of 2013.

The Model S was announced in the Spring of 2010, a little over 2 yeears before deliveries started. The Model X was announced in the Spring of 2012. a little less than 2 years before promised start of deliveries. In both cases I believe Tesla wanted to build-up demand before starting deliveries. In the case of 'Gen III', I anticipate they will want an even larger build-up in demand before starting deliveries in 2015.

But then, who knows?

Volker.Berlin | 26. November 2012

jackhub, they needed some announcement in 2009 (the Model S was revealed in the last days of March 2009, more than 3 years in advance) and they needed something in 2012 b/c the Model S was dragging along (originally announced to become available in 2011). Currently they have enough drumfire going on with the Model S roll-out, and the Model X is where attention should focus next. Demand for GenIII is already there now and will build up in no time once it is announced, assuming that the Model S and Model X will have become notable successes until then.

The experience becomes frustrating if the wait list grows too long, and even more so the more mainstream you get, and GenIII is targeted at the mainstream. Thus IMO opening the reservation books 6 to 12 months in advance is more than sufficient to build up demand before ramping up production.

Volker.Berlin | 26. November 2012

Addendum to my above post -- for "original announcements" see this thread:

Brian H | 26. November 2012

Tend to agree; the "affordable" demand will initially get a major boost from all who looked, drooled, and just couldn't afford the S.
But suspect the lead in might be closer to 18 mo.

BTW; "until" means "not before". Just use "by then", meaning prior to, leading up to, previous to, etc.

Brian H | 26. November 2012

By "not before" I was actually referring to negative usage, as in "I didn't get paid until yesterday."

The positive use is more in the sense of "leading up to" or "up to the time that". As in, "I hated cars until I saw the Model S, and then I saved until I could afford it."

The intention in all cases is to specify and emphasize a point in time at which things change. "He drank schnapps until he passed out."

Volker.Berlin | 26. November 2012

Brian H, thanks for clarifying "until". I typed it without giving it a second thought, but now that you point me to it, it's entirely clear. You're right assuming that I don't expect the Model S' success to come to a sudden stop with the introduction of GenIII!

SSL161 | 29. November 2012

Ok, call me greedy, I've had six weeks with our "S" and I’m as excited about driving it today as I was when we got it, but I’m a tech junky and love new ideas and want Tesla to thrive. After all, variety is the spice of life, is it not?

I also don’t want Tesla to overextend either. Right now, they need to deliver on their current orders and not get distracted, but I on the other hand, I sure can’t wait to see my next roadster!

--- Cherif