New range for "40 kWh" MS? (old was 160 miles)

New range for "40 kWh" MS? (old was 160 miles)

I'm a very excited 40 kWh res holder! 2 questions for discussion:

1) How will EPA handle the new "40 kWh" MS? Maybe they will be able to get an EPA rating sooner than later as soon as Tesla implements (if they haven't already) the 40 kWh limit on a 60.

2) Assuming the new 40s will always be set to max range, since there will be no battery degradation hit to do so (won't approach +80% of the underlying 60 kWh battery): what is the new expected range for the 40 kWh? The prior Tesla estimate was 160 miles. But that was for a setup that maxed out at 175 kW (235 hp) @ 4000-10,300 rpm. But now it's really a HW/SW-limited 60 kWh, so it burns energy as high as 225 kW (302 hp) @ 5000-8000 rpm. More than 160 miles? Less? I'm thinking somewhere between 135 and 150 miles maybe?

fluxemag | 01. April 2013

I think they are going to have to stick with 160 mile range or higher. If the power or weight of the 60kwh battery cause the range to be reduced using a strict 2/3rds limiter, they can always increase it to get the desired range. I don't think that puts out any 60kwh owners. Putting out a car that gets less than 160 miles of range for no apparent reason when you are intentionally limiting the range seems unlikely.

djp | 01. April 2013

Doesn't seem EPA will need to do anything. They certified the 60, which is what the 40s will be.

Brian10 | 01. April 2013

Darn good point,

SeanM | 19. Mai 2013

Just got my software limited 40kwh Model S. The software limits the charge to 140 miles. Not the 160 miles I was expecting. I have an email into Tesla asking me about this...

Andre-nl | 19. Mai 2013


Epa range for the 60 kWh model is 208 miles. 40/60*208 = 138.8

Assuming the 140 number is rated miles, it seems fair to me.

Brian H | 20. Mai 2013

The 140 I think is the old "ideal" miles -- 55 mph. The same standard that rated 85kWh cars at 300 miles. 40/85 x 300 =~ 140.

60/85 x 300 ~= 210.

robgoodin | 20. Mai 2013

Just got my model S 40 kw and range is limited to 147 miles 72% charge and will not allow max charge??? It is a sweet ride and lots of head turn. 160 would be nice. With the 60kw battery wonder if battery life is being compromised by software limited charging of 50% of battery capacity.

chicagoniner | 20. Mai 2013

Just picked mine up on Saturday and mine shows Rated Range of 144 on full charge. Regenerative breaking works fine even when fully charged (obviously because it's not actually fully charged)

Ideal miles will show 160 but I'd rather go by Rated miles than "Ideal"

chicagoniner | 20. Mai 2013

Oddly I plugged into a public charging station for the first time and my rated range is now showing 147 instead of the 144 I show when charging at home. The difference I can see is the public station is charging at a lower rate 16 miles per hour of charge instead of 27 miles per hour of charge.

Chuck Lusin | 20. Mai 2013

Mine will also show 147 every now and then, with the NEMA 14-50 at home at 242V 40A.

Brian10 | 20. Mai 2013

I've never gotten mine to show more than 144 miles charging at home at 40Amps.

jimina | 20. Mai 2013

I'm waiting for mine coming... BTW.. isn't there two options for charging?

If full charging is selected.. it will charge to full 160 miles I guess..

And it will be ok for 40kwh model since the battery capacity is anyway big for it?

just curious...

kent | 20. Mai 2013

It seems to me that anyone with the software limited 40 kw battery could do a max charge every day since the battery is not actually full. Regen is limited when the battery is full and owners have stated that they still have regen capability when max charged. Nice benefit for those Tesla owners.

Chuck Lusin | 20. Mai 2013


The 40's ship with version 4.5 software, which now has a slider to set the percent of charge up to 72%. This is a better replacement for the standard / range options.

spazthecat | 20. Mai 2013


I have a 40 coming In a couple of weeks. I was wondering if any of the current 40 owners have tested real world range? Are you actually getting about 140 miles?


murraypetera | 20. Mai 2013

I got mine 3 days ago and have about 300 miles on it with mixed highway city. I think 135 is a realistic number to expect from a full charge. Better if you keep it to 55-60 mph. I see between 140 and 147 full charge. I have not tried to hyper mile and climate control is on.

jimina | 20. Mai 2013

Thanks Chuck Lusin...

Interesting... so we can set any value lower than 72%.. in some sense it becomes flexible..

but.. on the other hand if it can't go to more than 72%, .. it is kind of limited...

Mark K | 20. Mai 2013

I've got two coming (I pulled a Chuck).

I ordered both with twin chargers and just got my HPWC. Kind of overkill, but I love the idea of topping off a 40 in 20 minutes.

It's like having a home SuperCharger.

On the slider - I say they relabel it for the 40's to go from 1 to ... uh, 11.