A New White House Petition Initiated On March 13

A New White House Petition Initiated On March 13

A new White House petition supporting the Tesla Motors business model was initiated on Thursday. I signed today as #10.


The one that I initiated on February 8th failed for receiving less than 900 signatures while 100,000 were required within 30 days. Mine avoided specific mention of Tesla Motors, which I feared might have caused the administration to ignore it. The new one does focus on Tesla, but I feel is better written than the one that met the signature goal over eight months ago and has been sitting unacknowledged by the White House.

The new petition requires 150 signatures before the White House will display it on the open petitions page. I invite you to join me in signing.

Here’s the link to the petition that already reached its goal, but to which you can still sign:

And here’s one initiated on Tuesday that is more New Jersey oriented:

Curt Renz | 15. März 2014

If you forward this information to others, be aware that this Tesla forum abbreviates the links and pasted copies will not work. You'll have to go to the White House website to obtain the full links from your browser's URL line before passing it along.

PorfirioR | 15. März 2014

Can we start a petition to get a response to the previous petition?

Curt Renz | 15. März 2014

Create it, PorfirioR, and I'll sign it.