No sales tax for Electric Vehicles in some US states

No sales tax for Electric Vehicles in some US states

Just found out that my state won't charge me sales tax, but won't allow HOV access.

Also, I love how they mention it's exempt from emissions inspections...really?.

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Info on states laws:

Info on Washington State law:

Brian H | 27. Januar 2011

Move to OK. They'll give you a tax credit for 50% of the purchase cost! (Until 2015 or so.)

BYT | 07. Februar 2011

I would love to get that OK 50% tax credit but in CA but other then the HOV access and the $7k tax credit, it sucks out here. I foresee that all of that $7k I would imagine would go back towards the sales tax and luxury car tax which is over over 10% of the total car cost. Does anyone know what it will look like for us in CA with the sales tax and luxury car tax, ect.

Brian H | 07. Februar 2011

Re: the HOV access: I understand the Japanese are making VERY realistic inflatable girlfriends now ...


szjpan | 08. Februar 2011

There is a $5000 rebate for Californians, although the funds may run out before the Model S comes out. And there is also a $3000 incentive for San Joaquin Valley residents, and a $2000 rebate for Riverside residents.

Discoducky | 08. Februar 2011

Ok, this sucks:

$100/year fee to register an EV in Washington State.

TadPritchett | 01. April 2014

In Washington State

RCW 82.08.809

Exemptions — Vehicles using clean alternative fuels. (Expires July 1, 2015.)

(1)(a) The tax levied by RCW 82.08.020 does not apply to sales of new passenger cars, light duty trucks, and medium duty passenger vehicles, which are exclusively powered by a clean alternative fuel.

Let's please get the Model X into production while the sales tax exemption is still there. :-)