Norwegian Model S doing Bergen - Hemsedal

Norwegian Model S doing Bergen - Hemsedal

Norwegian car company Ferdinand Motors are doing Bergen - Hemsedal in their Model S. 276 km of mountenous terrain in sub-zero temperatures. Twitter feed is in norwegian, so use google translate:

jeroens | 15. Februar 2013

Did this translate correctly?

Did they do 293 km with 69 km spare, so about 225 miles range with temperature of 23 F?

Ferdinand Motor @ ferdinandmotor
Hemsedal ski center! -5c Total distance 293 km. Remaining reach 69 km! # Elbil Bergen Hemsedal # # Tesla Models

Hemsedal skisenter! -5c Total distanse 293 km. Gjenværende rekkevidde 69 km! #Elbil #BergenHemsedal #TeslaModelS

jeroens | 15. Februar 2013
jeroens | 15. Februar 2013
jeroens | 15. Februar 2013

If I read this correctly without having range in mind... and 70F cabin temp.

"Have run without thinking eco. Followed traffic, 21gr on climate, used light, stereo, made necessary overtaking etc."

Runar | 15. Februar 2013

Yes.. everything seem correct. 70F cabin temp, 23F outside temp.

Hemsedal is 628 meter above sea level, Bergen is at sea level.

TheFlyer | 15. Februar 2013

Yes, that´s correct jeroens.
Expected range at start (right after charging) was 420 km. Driven range plus remaining is 362 km. That is only 14% loss from initial, which must be said to be very well under these driving conditions.

glaserud | 15. Februar 2013

Using Tesla's calculator, putting in "City" driving type (really, those roads aren't highways), outside temp at 32F, heat on, lights on, it returns 211 miles (or 340 km). So in addition to that, they drove over a mountain and still beat the calculator estimate. That's actually quite good. That being said, it probably regenned pretty well from 1200 masl to 628 masl... :)

GeirT | 15. Februar 2013

And don't forget snow and ice and solid winter tires.
Studded as well?

GeirT | 15. Februar 2013

Got it, from the twitter feed - no studded tires.

nickjhowe | 15. Februar 2013

Wow. Great story. Thanks for sharing. Puts Broder to shame.

jeroens | 15. Februar 2013

Impressive. considering they did not adapt to EV but just run it as a regular ICE car...
Makes the NY Times article even more unrealistic...

Kiteulf | 17. Februar 2013

It is stated that Hemsedal is about 1100 meters above sealevel.

glaserud | 17. Februar 2013

The main centre is at 620-650-ish. This accoring to the national map authority (Kartverket)

drp | 17. Februar 2013

I like those rims better than the 19" in the US!

jeroens | 17. Februar 2013

Impressive results:

When I asked he confirmed:
Average speed of approx 65 kph I guess. Climbed 1130 meters above sea level. Outside temp between 0 and -10c.

and managed to range 362 km on a single charge...not bad at all.

glaserud | 17. Februar 2013

drp: They retail for approx 17kNOK with nordic studless. I've asked for make and name (as I want a set :))