Not in production for standard air !

Not in production for standard air !

RN# 11XXX., 85kwh, standard Air, roof option and upgrade sound system. I finalized my order and signed paper late December 2012. No update regarding my tesla. It shown only that tesla factory is building your car in your status. I contacted TM today and found out big news. Gentlemen who assist me is very informative( first person who is willing to give you accurate information). If you ordered standard air suspension ( does not matter what is your reservation number is), they did not have a part until May 2013 or luckily April 2013. So don't be too exciting about when your car will be send to build or delivery to you. . Most likely, you will not have your car until at least June 2013 or July 2013. It is sad but it is fact and nothing you can do about it. First, they took your deposit and promised rainbow and now they just said nothing they can do about the delay of their production. They will try to convince or recommend you to upgrade to active air ,or drop roof and sound option so you could get your car sooner. I felt I am being punishing to select Standard Air Suspension option. . Very disappointed. I felt no more enthusiastic about my Model S. Any thought to share if you are in same shoes. Help cheer me up a little bit since all we can do is to wait and be good.

gregv64 | 21. Januar 2013

Just out of curiosity, when you finalized, what was the estimated date shown on your MVPA? Choosing standard suspension, the estimated date should have been April/May to begin with. I'm not sure what promises caused you to expect your car sooner.

Nelson T. | 21. Januar 2013

What do you mean by "standard air suspension"? If you are a true reservation holder, clearly you would know that there is no standard air suspension for Model S. It has an active air suspension as an upgrade and it is a mandatory option in order to receive the Model S in 2012 and early 2013. It appears to me that you are more likely a Tesla short sellers who is trying to generate negative impression on Model S by fabricating non-sense in this forum.


AaronX | 21. Januar 2013

Just to be clear, you are getting a standard coil suspension. There is no "air" part about it.

Here is the communication (an email was also sent out) on December 3rd about the production:

At that time they said that production would start in March (when in March is anyone's guess). If that has changed, they have yet to communicate that publicly.

I had to wait 3 1/2 years for my car, so I can sympathize with your wait, but since you just configured recently and you're selecting a car that is not even in production yet, that's the way it goes. | 21. Januar 2013

"...Any thought to share..."

Aside from learning to write English, I have no recommendation.

Thanismanee | 21. Januar 2013

Wow. It is my first time to post in this forum. I felt not welcome from some people already. I am just feel disappointed in waiting time. That's all. You don't have to insult me in that way. I am appreciated for some reply who try to help ( please excuse my poor English writing skill) Thank you.
For the rest, I hope you enjoyed being the kind of person you are.

Brian H | 21. Januar 2013

Short Russian troll?

AaronX | 21. Januar 2013


I'm a bit surprised at the reaction as well. I've been overall happy to see people being polite on these forums. Sorry about your bad experience and I hope you don't have to wait too long for your car.

Don't expect to see too many updates from Tesla until your car is in production. You'll hear about a month before it is ready to finalize your delivery options, financing, etc..

The wait sucks, but it is worth it!

Thanismanee | 21. Januar 2013

@ Aaron
Thank you for the link. It is now make more sense to me. I had no update from them at all until today. I can' t wait to have my car. I bet you enjoyed yours very much.

@ gregv64
In my MVPA, it only said Early 2013.

petero | 21. Januar 2013

Thanismanee. My understanding for the last 6 months, was the standard suspension would not be available until at least March 2013. I feel your pain, many early 60kWh MS reservation holders watched 85kWh orders filled “a year +” ahead of us because TM said they would manufacture 60’s in January 2013. It doesn’t feel very good, but TM is ramping up very quickly. On approximately December 29-30 my delivery button activated (sorry no e-mail from TM) and TM said my new delivery window for a loaded 60kWh would be 1/19-2/2. IMO, that is darn quick for a January start up.

“First, they took your deposit and promised rainbow…” No offense, you are out of line. TM is a new company with a new car, and new factory. TM has kept virtually every promise they made and many of those promises or goals were made years ago! The complaint that is valid is poor communications - not providing regular updates on reservations and production. I spoke to TM’s ownership support group and they said they are working on it.

On the brighter side. You are getting the first “21st Century Car” (production car) designed from a clean piece of paper. The MS is beautiful, quick, quiet, smooth, safe, and clean. Your MS is a Rockstar! Every other car manufacture slightly updates their cars with a few new features, some new cosmetics, and liberal utilization from the “parts bin” from previous models – not MS.

If that isn’t enough to elicit at least a smile I offer four more reasons. First, the MS competes with other luxury/premium cars and to fill the gas tank on one of them is $75-85 for approximately 300 miles versus MS’s under $20 plug and play charge. Two, free use of the growing Supercharging Network. What other manufacturer offers you free ”gas”? Third, last year Exxon made $41 Billion dollars in PROFIT- positively obscene in my book, especially after getting so many subsidies. Won’t you feel good about saying goodbye to the “Seven Sisters?” Lastly, look around, do you see another car you would rather have than a MS? Go ahead check out BMW, MB, Audi (I do like the R8 a lot), Jaguar, Maserati, Lexus, Infinity, Porsche (the rear view of the Panamera is absolutely pregnant), Bently, RR – I also like the Aston Martin Rapide a lot too. If you want to feel really good, go check out and drive a Fisker Karma!

On the other hand, you could die of old age waiting for others manufacturers to catch up. Be patient, you will be amply rewarded. Good luck. Actually, my wife took my MS away, I had promised her a new Jaguar 33 years ago.

P.S. Sorry for the long winded response. I am a passionate MS, TM, and SpaceX fan.

DanielR | 21. Januar 2013

@Thanismanee. One other option for you: call your specialist and see if you can change from the standard suspension to the air suspension. It will add some cost, but I was allowed to do that last December. My delivery estimate got moved to the left (Feb-March) and I will have a smoother ride.
P-482, 60kWh, air suspension and still waiting...

gregv64 | 21. Januar 2013

I also feel most of the responses are a bit over the top. Not everybody obsesses over the forums or has perfect english. I was afraid about the "Early 2013" bit. That's what it says for 40kWh as well, and they need to fix their algorithm. For Red it correctly says April/May, but the "Early 2013" estimates implies that despite saying that production will start in March for 40kWh and standard suspension, they don't really know.

Tesla still needs to improve communication. By obsessively following forums you can figure out what's going on, but if somebody relies only on what is sent to them by Tesla it goes something like: Reserve ... crickets ... finalize ... more crickets ... some totally indeterminate amount of time passes ... hey, your car is ready, can you pick it up tomorrow.

DanielR | 21. Januar 2013

@gregv64: You nailed it with that succinct and acurate description of the Model S ownership process!

Thanismanee | 21. Januar 2013

@ Petero
Thank you for your reply. It made me feel a lot better. I totally agreed with all your mentions.. I have been planning to purchase new vehicle since last year. My plan was on hold when I heard about Tesla. And from that point, I have never laid eyes on other cars in market. Pardon my frustration, I just felt it took forever to get my car. For now, I will wait patiently and appreciate such passionate person like you. You are true inspiration for all.

PaceyWhitter | 21. Januar 2013

One thing you should consider is changing your configuration to include the active air suspension. Then there would be no delay. The standard suspension is a bit of a mystery as no one (outside of Tesla) has ridden in a Model S with standard suspension but many with experience with other cars have noted that air suspension provides a considerable improvement in ride comfort.

If money is an issue there have been many people who have tried the standard sound system without complaints.

The other thing you could eliminate is the pano roof, but personally I like that option, and it improves rear seat headroom, but I don't know how you will be using it.

roofmonkey | 21. Januar 2013


I also share your pain and disappointment.

We ordered a MS with 85Kw, Pano roof, tech and sound package and twin charges but skipped the Active Air option.

I was told at the time that this would mean a March or later delivery. As I live in Winnipeg that was not a big deal because I wasn't planning to drive it before May.

If the delivery isn't till July it will be a big letdown for us as we had planned to pick it up at the factory to celebrate our 25th anniversary in May.

Thanismanee | 21. Januar 2013

Let's hope it will not be till July 2013. They said that would be the latest time line. I also hope to get it in June for my birthday.

@ PaceyWhitter

I considered to upgrade to active air suspension for a moment. However I calculated total cost with all options, you might as well get performance at the beginning. For sure that I don't want to drop pano roof, tech package and sound upgrade. Plus 80kwh had unlimited miles warranty on battery. So far I have not seen any review on standard suspension or how much different in term of ride comfort anywhere. I believed all test drive cars had active air suspension on it so nobody know how standard suspension feel like on tesla. I guessed we have to wait patiently for the car.

riceuguy | 21. Januar 2013

Well, as 10,917 with a 60kwh standard suspension on order, Tesla has always been clear about what that meant for delivery times, and they also suggested that my "April/May" time frame was "conservative," so I think the worries about June/July may be unfounded.

bobinfla | 22. Januar 2013

@Thanismanee: Welcome to the forums. As others have suggested, you may want to consider going for the air suspension to speed up your delivery (if it doesn't blow your car budget). When we were finalizing our configuration, we had to make a tough call on the color. We wanted the Sunset Red, but at that time it wasn't going to be in production until some vague still to be determined time in 2013 after all the Sigs were done. Not wanting to add some additional unknown time to our wait, we opted to forego the red and get the gray. So there is a decision to make between wait time and the exact configuration you want to get, and there is a long line of people who wanted 40kw, 60kw, standard suspension, gray interior and red paint and were willing to wait on it. (BTW, I'm glad to see those 60kws with real low reservation numbers starting to get their cars now.) I avoided anything that had even a rumor of extending the wait time, but that doesn't always work out either. Res#6918, waiting on my VIN.

crttnarayan | 01. März 2013

Also 60 and std suspension. Was told production will start in April