The OAT Club and Driving to Dallas

The OAT Club and Driving to Dallas

The wife says to me the other day that I would get a lot more done if I spent less time reading on line about Tesla. Pretty funny comment coming from the Queen of Obsession. I told her I had joined the Obsessed About Tesla (OAT) club and that there are a lot of like minded humans in this forum.

I'm looking for some real world experience/advice in making the round trip from Austin to Dallas, which I do with some regularity. My destination is normally my son's house which does not have a reasonably accessible 220v outlet. Since he's renting the house and doesn't plan to stay there long term I don't really want to spring for an electrician to enhance the house. When they buy a house, I'll have one put in.

The trip from the Waco SC to his house and back is just over 200 miles on I35. If I spend time driving in Dallas and/or there is wind or whatever, seems like I would need another charge.

What do other people do in situations like that?

mreitman | 15. September 2013

Tesla has a service center in Dallas by the Galleria. I am sure that they will let you charge there.

Whalensouth | 15. September 2013

I am at 75 and lovers, you can charge on my 220.

ausdma | 15. September 2013

Wow, that's cool. What a kind offer!

Actually the Service Center is closer. What kind of chargers do the service centers have?

Brian H | 16. September 2013

Usually HPWCs. What battery size and chargers do you have?