Odyssey vs Model X size/profile comparison

Odyssey vs Model X size/profile comparison

We currently have a 2014 Honda Odyssey with a reservation for a Model X.
I'd LIKE to get the ModelX, but for us... I need to make sure it can replace the Odyssey before we get the X.

I made a quick mock-up using the dimensions we know of the Odyssey vs the known 'guesstimates' for the X.
I think it makes for a cool comparison... but I'm still don't know how rows 2/3 will fit 7 adults comfortably.
I used the following dimensions:

Odyssey: 202.9" length, 68.4" height, 79.2" width
ModelX: 197" length, 64" height, 82" width

I aligned them the best I could.
But mainly it was to compare them to show the wife (and myself).
I thought others might find it interesting.

bobsiopener | 20. Juli 2015

One of the recent highway videos actually had the Model X passing a Oddssey, i noted this because i have been trying to find 3 row cars of similar size to what I expect the X to be to investigate 3rd row spacing.

JeffreyR | 20. Juli 2015

Check out the Tips & Tricks for searching, posting pictures, and other useful tidbits.

Model X prototype reveal video shows seven people and a whole lot of luggage coming out.

carlgo2 | 20. Juli 2015

Interesting size comparison. Most SUVs are taller and so have an upright seating position which equals more room. And a more spacious square back style. It could be that squeezing more utility out of this design has been part of the hold up of its release.

Interesting decision. Maybe a 25 mile difference in range ? and with the half-charge strategy you have to stop at about every sc along those chosen routes anyway. Would an electric Pilot have been a better choice?

ian | 20. Juli 2015

How would an electric Pilot been any more efficient? Or did I misunderstand your point?

commasign | 20. Juli 2015

Picture isn't showing up. Interesting that Model X is wider but they weren't able to offer seating for 3 in the 3rd row.

Jonathangarner | 20. Juli 2015

Interior passenger space is important to me and I recently made a similar comparison with the 2016 Honda Pilot which I felt was a better barometer than the Odyssey. I used the MS for the comparison since I expect that the MX will have equal or slightly larger dimensions.

Odyssey MX (MS)
Fr. Hip Room. 59.1. 55.0
Fr. Leg Room. 40.9 42.7
Fr. Shoulder Room 62. 57.7
R. Hip Room. 57.3. 54.7
R. Leg Room. 38.4. 35.4
R. Shoulder Room. 62. 55
I assume the rear numbers are second row.
Length. 194.5. ? (196)
Width. 78.6. ? (77.3)
Height. 69.8. ? (56.5)
Wheelbase. 111.0. ? (116.5)

Honda makes more with less than most. I would be thrilled if the MX has as much interior space as the new Pilot. The MX will be longer and about as wide and hopefully as tall. The MX will have less headroom in the third row, but hopefully will make up for that with more space below without gas tank, exhaust,...the longer wheelbase is a big advantage. Yet somehow the MS
interior is significantly less wide than the Pilot.

How does that work? Does anyone think the MX will have as much interior passenger space as the new Pilot?

These numbers come from Edmunds, by the way.

vperl | 20. Juli 2015

Suggest you purchase Honda.



Gwgan | 21. Juli 2015

Sixteen cupholders! I'm cancelling my res.

Jonathangarner | 21. Juli 2015

No, I'm all set for my MX, but thank you for your unsolicited suggestion vperl. The "please" was a nice touch! I just thought comparing to an SUV was more fair than to a minivan. I am simply looking for other opinions on whether it will truly be a comfortable vehicle for seven adults as promised.

aesculus | 21. Juli 2015


I would use the Acura RDX as a better comparison than the Pilot to the MX. This is Honda's crossover in the upper class.

Note: I had one as a rental for a few days versus my older Acura MDX and found it not as roomy, poorer visibility and overall not as comfy. But my MDX is now like and old couch that you love to sit in but cover it for company :-)

Fr. Hip Room. 53.8 55.0
Fr. Leg Room. 42.0 42.7
Fr. Shoulder Room 58.7 57.7
R. Hip Room. 53.8 54.7
R. Leg Room. 38.3 35.4
R. Shoulder Room. 57.2 55
I assume the rear numbers are second row.
Length. 184.4. ? (196)
Width. 73.7 ? (77.3)
Height. 65 ? (56.5)
Wheelbase. 105.7 ? (116.5)

bobsiopener | 21. Juli 2015

It may or may not be an Odyssey but there is a gold minivan in the beginning of this video next to the X | 21. Juli 2015

@bobs: looks more like a Toyota to me.

I traded a 2012 Odyssey for an MS early this year while awaiting to X.
As far as I know, the X will be least 2 inches longer than the S but that's still 4 inches less than the Honda. Without an engine and transmission to accommodate in front of the passenger compartment, the X may pick up a few inches there. The Honda comfortably accommodated 8 adults, 3 each in rows 2 and 3 but was a little difficult to climb in and out of the third row.

I expect the X to have less hip room in the second row but, as it is only designed for 7 passengers, I expect it to have more in the third row. I think legroom will be about the same as the Honda but maybe a little less. I expect third row headroom to be less in the X but it will be far easier to get in and out of. With the frunk the X will carry more cargo than the Honda.

The Honda is a very well conceived and executed minivan and the safest minivan out there. The X will be a very capacious Crossover and will drive like no minivan ever conceived of while probably being safer yet. Of course it will cost $60+K more...