Old Model X page!

Old Model X page!

I guess it is really gone now.

Iowa92x | 28. Oktober 2014

Gotta be close, Elon said a few sketchy X deliveries later this year but for sure early next year. | 31. Oktober 2014

No point in changing the page until we can order an MX. I kinda like the side rear view cameras in place of mirrors, the lack of front and rear radar transceivers, and the 60 kwh battery pack that no one will order.

Production will be "nearing" when more details are added. We know that because it says so right there on the MX page. Production is evidently not nearing yet.

dortor | 31. Oktober 2014

yeah - but will it be able to hold my Unicorn - I have one of those on order - I expect both will be delivered at about the same time. | 31. Oktober 2014

It will hold the unicorn if you fold the second and third row seats flat and back the unicorn in through the rear hatch. If you you load the unicorn front end first, you may damage the roof liner unless the unicorn is immature.
You will be advised to purchase the optional unicorn mat to protect the interior from unicorn droppings and other excretions. Hey, no one said that owning a unicorn would be easy.

dortor | 31. Oktober 2014

if I receive my unicorn before my Model X (a likely outcome IMHO) I going to try out a Unicorn in a Model X before I confirm my delivery/order…

@ georgehawley - I appreciate the unicorn tips - it will be my first Unicorn and you sound experienced.

I have actually seen more Unicorns than Model X's so we keep patiently waiting… | 31. Oktober 2014

If you have been promised you unicorn soon, you have a horse (unicorn?) race on your hands. I have heard that unicorns are on back order. Yes, I have unicorn experience from many years ago, early in life. They are a royal pain in the butt, especially if you approach them the wrong way. Supermarkets rarely have BOGOs on unicorn feed.

BTW, here's another tip when loading a unicorn into the MX: make sure that the FW doors are closed when loading. Also when unloading. You want the unicorn to enter and exit via the rear hatch.

You have all of the above on good authority. There will be a unicorn section in Nick Howe's upcoming MX book.

J.T. | 31. Oktober 2014

@dortor Hilarious.
@georgehawley Nice assist. | 31. Oktober 2014

Another thing I like in this political season is the political neutrality of the FW doors.
Both the left and right wing doors open simultaneously showing no bias.

TonyInNH | 31. Oktober 2014

In all seriousness I hope they do something soon, the lack of any updates is really getting annoying. | 31. Oktober 2014

Soon: in or after a short time.
"everyone will soon know the truth"
synonyms: shortly, presently, in the near future, before long, in a little while, in a minute, in a moment, in an instant, in a bit, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, before you know it, any minute (now), any day (now), by and by;

short time
noun [U] UK (also reduced time) US
› a situation in which the people who work at a factory or in an office work fewer days or hours than usual for less money because there is not much work to do:
He's been put on short time because business is so quiet.

Now I'm confused. I thought Tesla employees were all working more than usual days or hours. That would translate to "long time". But long time is defined as follows: long·time adjective \ˈlȯŋ-ˈtīm\
: having been something specified for many years

Therefore, at Tesla "soon" must mean many years. QED

Not what you wanted to hear, I'm thinking.

J.T. | 31. Oktober 2014

@georgehawley You're making it too complicated.
@TonyInNH In all seriousness I hope they do something soon

Tesla always does things soon.

ian | 31. Oktober 2014

Haha! I'm going to have to look into adding this Unicorn accessory. Got a link to that one?

sbeggs | 01. November 2014

Make sure you check with @elephant in a bottle, first.

Red Sage ca us | 01. November 2014

Methinks that when a new Model X page is available or configuration of orders, the splash page at the open for the Tesla Motors website will feature a Model X instead of a Model S... | 01. November 2014

"Splash page". What a great term!
Don't you think the X will join the S as a sister ship?

Brian H | 01. November 2014

It's a standard term for the Home Page display on any site.

NumberOne | 05. November 2014

Well, there was a change today. About 45 minutes into the call, Elon said that new deliveries will be in early 2016, and I checked and the page was indeed updated to reflect that. | 05. November 2014


This is what is on my Model X page:

The Model X design prototype was unveiled on February 9th, 2012. It represented our current vision for this groundbreaking vehicle. Model X will be offered with a 60 kWh or an 85 kWh battery and will be dual motor all-wheel drive. The delivery estimate for new reservations is fall 2015. More details will be announced as production nears.

Iowa92x | 05. November 2014

If you are already in line for an X, you will likely receive it late 2015 or early 2016. If you order the X now you are looking at mid to late 2016. Get in line!

vandacca | 05. November 2014

On the Model-X page, right at the top (below the first image) it should say "Model X is designed from the ground up to blend the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan..."

To the immediate right of that text is a big red "RESERVE" link. Just above this link is the line, "DELIVERY ESTIMATE FOR NEW RESERVATIONS IS EARLY 2016"

NumberOne | 05. November 2014

Clearly someone forgot to update the text at the bottom of the page. They should change it to either match the top, or say something like 'production slated to begin during the summer of 2015'

Either way, they should correct that!

Brian H | 06. November 2014

No, Lenny. NEW RESERVATIONS are 2016. Old ones are 2015. Capice?

dortor | 07. November 2014

This is bad for me - I'm not sure how I can deal with my model X to put it in until 2015 late in the year. | 07. November 2014

I'm trading my unicorn in for a unicorn. | 07. November 2014

Unicron, that is. Ipad seems to prefer unicorn. Keeps correcting me when I am not looking.

NumberOne | 07. November 2014

FWIW, the bottom of the page now matches what was said on top, and I am really looking forward to August. It turns out the Model X is going to be a great birthday present to myself. Do I sound selfish?

e-randy | 08. November 2014

Production to begin in late 2015. Model S production target 33,000 vehicles per year. They have over 20,000 MX reservations. At the Model S production rate that puts a new MX reservation delivery out 7 months at a minimum using the 33,000 unit per year volume.

Anyone know if Tesla is stockpiling partial builds, parts, whatever for the MX so they can immediately ramp to full production?

I only ask because my Unicorn broker won't deliver until I have a Model X. You can appreciate my impatience.

dortor | 08. November 2014

my unicorn broker said that Unicorn's refuse to ride in ICE's - so you can't take delivery until you have an EV…{sigh}.

ian | 08. November 2014

e-randy - If you listen to or read the most recent (2014 Q3) shareholder report you will find that they are, in fact, planning to deliver 50,000 Model S's in 2015. However, with the new (retooled in August) final assembly line and the soon to be retooled Model S/X body line this increased production will not affect the Model X production. While they will not immediately ramp to full X production when they start manufacturing the X they are anticipating a much quicker ramp than they achieved with the S due to what they learned with the S and the fact that the X is the same chassis.


Brian H | 09. November 2014

Yeah, the dual motor hard stuff is in hand.

Czech | 13. November 2014

Maybe they are trying to bring down the cost of the MX so that its in the middle of the MS and Model 3 and or maybe Tesla had a break through in battery tech that will increase range. I have recently heard a few rumors of new battery tech that should hit cars soon.

Brian H | 15. November 2014

No, the MX will have no magic battery. It's only ¼ the cost of the car anyway. So that's the most that could be saved, even if it was free.

NumberOne | 02. Januar 2015

I guess not yet!

elizabeth.gottfried | 03. Januar 2015

Has anyone wondered about the Unicorn-roof-rack accessory? will that be available with our Xs, or coming out later? How will that Unicorn rack work with the falcon-doors? Can't be crimping the horn or anything... | 03. Januar 2015

@dortor doesn't care any more. He tied his unicorn to the back of his P85D and lost it somewhere outside of Vegas while he was transfixed by the energy use of the car. Seems that he can't get lower than 400 WH/mile going downhill with a tail wind.

dortor | 04. Januar 2015

Oh I still care - just adjusting my expectations given my P85D experience...

Brian H | 05. Januar 2015

Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed?

NumberOne | 11. Januar 2015

Changing the name to start over with the actual new page. | 12. Januar 2015

Now all we have is one hokey photo of the ancient prototype from 2 years ago with the pretend side view cameras. One step back, two steps forward--soon?

aljjr2 | 12. Januar 2015

Wonder if there is any significance of Tesla picking the pictures with the side-view cameras instead of standard mirrors.

vandacca | 12. Januar 2015

aljjr2, it's my guess that they didn't want to waste too much time on this "temporary" landing page, so they simply removed everything below the first image and above the "RESERVE" block, probably to get rid of all the fancy javascript (e.g. rotating car and sliding doors).

I wouldn't place any significance on the fact that they kept the image with the side-view cameras. Remember too, that the Model-X page never displayed any models with standard mirrors.

Remnant | 12. Januar 2015

@ Czech (November 13, 2014)

<< Maybe they are trying to bring down the cost of the MX so that [it's] in the middle of the MS and Model 3 and or maybe Tesla had a break through in battery tech that will increase range. >>

I'm sure Tesla is trying to minimize the MSRP's impact on us, but a new battery is not very likely.

By the way, will you please check your it's/its use:

it's = it is (verb)

its = of it, belonging to it (pronoun) | 13. Januar 2015

Jeepers, it would have taken maybe 5 minutes to upload a shot of the MX on display in Vegas (you know, the one with the mirrors glued on in place of the fake cameras?) to the website.

(It's really hard to type "Jeepers " into this window, I would like you to know. The editor in the ipad has a mind of its own. ). @Remnant: please note the correct use of it's and its. Now I'm working on Torque vectoring, your other area of expertise.:-))