Onboard music storage.....when?

Onboard music storage.....when?

I recall this was an advertised feature. I checked today and it still is. Any word when we might get it? I would love to have my favorite music stored onboard. Currently using a USB memory stick.
Of course my priority would be for LTE as soon as possible

nickjhowe | 12. Mai 2013

no news.... :-(

scoops | 13. Mai 2013

Would much prefer the Tesla to support iTunes match. With 3G (and later 4G LTE) I'd have access to my massive ever changing iTunes library with just a one-time sign in. Perfect.

bondoc1 | 13. Mai 2013

I paid for Sound Package which includes 12 speakers and storage for 3000 songs. So far, I have counted only 7 speakers and don't see anything on the setup screen that allows me to store music on board. I am due for service next week and I will discuss the issues with service center.

cgiGuy | 13. Mai 2013

@bondoc1: Speaker locations - (bottom of page 7)

Also, Elon recently tweeted, "Over the air upgrade coming in a few months to allow tethering (and other things)" (11 May 2013)

I would suspect the music storage being one of the other things, as it only seems logical to be able to "push" music to your car via wifi as it sits in your garage. Drag and drop.