Online Advertising

Online Advertising

I own the website on which I place banner ads that earn commissions. To promote the Tesla S, I post a banner that connects to the Motor Trend review for which I receive no commission. I suggest that Tesla Motors either associate with an advertising intermediary like Commission Junction or develop its own accounting system for providing commissions to website publishers who post Tesla ad banners. It would be a cheap, easy and effective way to spread the word and increase sales.

If you operate a website, would you be willing to post Tesla ads?

GeekEV | 24. Februar 2013

While I can appreciate the concept, as a business I think Tesla would probably prefer you didn't do that. They have no control over the design of your banner and you may be using fonts, colors or wording that they feel would do harm to their message. On the other hand, viral marketing is rampant these days so who knows. I don't think they can stop you in any case unless you're abusing their copyrights and trademarks.

Brian H | 24. Februar 2013

What makes you think TM wants/needs to advertise yet? Word-of-mouth advertising and "free publicity" is doing just fine, and are barely getting started. Believe Elon when he says, "We are not demand constrained." In plain English, TM can sell as many cars as it can make, without lifting a promotional finger. Virtually every owner is an enthusiastic and effective sales rep. And that effect is increasing exponentially as more cars are delivered.

Curt Renz | 24. Februar 2013

Thank you for your comments, Geek EV. I'm a Tesla shareholder which means I am a part owner of the company. What you write may have been worth considering, but I've already been in phone contact with a Tesla agent who heartily approved what I've done.

The banner to which you are referring is a Motor Trend banner with graphics designed by Motor Trend. It is not a Tesla Motors banner. The brief wording on the banner makes no direct mention of Tesla. The only company name appearing in the ad is Motor Trend. Clicking it takes you to the Motor Trend website, not the Tesla website. Of course once there, Motor Trend will tell you that the Tesla S is their car of the year. I have to wonder if you actually viewed the banner and clicked it before commenting.

If either Motor Trend or Tesla Motors expresses disapproval, of course I will remove the banner. What I would prefer is that Tesla creates its own banner ads for website owners to publish. That was the point of my post.

Curt Renz | 24. Februar 2013

Brian H, that's a good point. Indeed this may not be the time for Tesla to advertise, if their production capacity cannot keep up with demand. However my suggestion to inexpensively advertise online may be something for Tesla to consider down the road.

GeekEV | 24. Februar 2013

@Curt - You're right, I didn't go inspect the banner first. Fair point. I'm glad to hear you've spoken to Tesla about it...

olanmills | 25. Februar 2013

I think Tesla is smart enough to figure out advertising (or hire people that can figure it out) when it becomes part of a business strategy.

I mean, all you basically said was that Tesla should consider using online ads if it wants to advertise. That's not exactly the innovation of the year.