Options & Pricing page updated (2012/01/12)

Options & Pricing page updated (2012/01/12)

Props to Lyle for pointing out that the page had changed, forcing OCD people like me to find the changes.

Based on comparison with the cached version @ Google from January 11th, 10:51PM GMT.

Changes in the Options page:
- text is now "live" (and in a different font as a result)
- column 2: "$79,900" changed to "$84,900"
- column 2: "Additional Standard Equipment\n$5,000" changed to "Included Upgrades"
- columns 2 & 4: "Decor" now capitalized
- box next to Pearl White is darker
- Interiors: "hand wrapped" changed to "hand-wrapped" (2 places)
- Interiors, Microfiber: "synthetic leather" changed to "leather-like"
- Interiors, Nappa Leather: "soft, supple" changed to "full-grain"
- Interiors, Nappa Leather, column 2: "contrast" changed to "contrasting"
- Interiors, Nappa Leather, column 3: "adjustable" changed to "adustable" [ED: typo]
- Interiors, Nappa Leather, columns 2 and 4, Decor Accents: Piano Black, Banana Leaf, and Lacewood added
- Tech Package: reordered
- Tech Package: 16GB hard drive bullet added
- Sound Studio Package: ". Features a 16GB hard drive to keep" changed to ", and storage space for"
- Sound Studio Package: "at your fingertips" removed
- High Power Wall Connector: "complement" changed to "compliment" [ED: typo]
- High Power Wall Connector: price raised from $1,200 to $1,500

Mycroft | 13. Januar 2012

Bummer about the HPC price. Thanks for listing the changes brianman!

gagliardilou | 13. Januar 2012

Tesla, please no more price increases as I am still digesting the original option pricing!

Robert.Boston | 13. Januar 2012

- Interiors, Nappa Leather, columns 2 and 4, Decor Accents: Piano Black, Banana Leaf, and Lacewood added

It appears that this addition was inadvertent, as the page no longer shows these accents as available on either Performance models.

BYT | 13. Januar 2012

DAMNIT, I want the Performance but I don't want the "Performance wheels and tires" as that is a savings I would like to move toward the tech package, rear +2 seats and panoramic roof! I hope they allow me to remove that!

Mycroft | 13. Januar 2012

Yea! HPC price adjusted back down to $1,200.

Volker.Berlin | 13. Januar 2012

Someone's eager about fixing this page. :-)

- The 16 GB hard drive has completely disappeared. Maybe they don't want to commit to the size and technology (disk drive? SSD?) just yet.

- "adustable" has also been fixed, "compliment" is still wrong.

Mycroft | 13. Januar 2012

Yeah, that would be great if they're able to provide more than a lousy 16GB of storage. Save me the trouble of hanging a memory stick off one of the USB connectors.

Robert.Boston | 13. Januar 2012

The small storage size is remarkable. I have something on the order of 18,000 tracks in iTunes! It really should be possible to have a fairly sizable storage device, or at least allow us access to the drive location for later upgrades! A 60GB solid-state drive is only $99 retail.

Tesla should still fix the "240-volt dryer outlet" to read "240-volt NEMA 14-50" (or "240-volt range outlet" or "240-volt RV outlet").

brianman | 13. Januar 2012

I've updated the post on the TMC forum, for those interested in the changes to the changes.

Volker.Berlin | 13. Januar 2012

The Features page has also been tidied up a little bit and now reflects some details that made their first public appearance on the Options & Pricing page (Model S Performance specs):