Ordered the Tesla, selling the Porsche

Ordered the Tesla, selling the Porsche

Well, I pulled the trigger. I initially told myself I was going to wait several months, see the reviews on the Performance Plus Suspension upgrade, and wait for adaptive cruise control. But after lurking on this forum for a week or two, I can't take it anymore. I ordered the Model S P85 with Performance Plus Suspension, tech, panoramic roof, sound studio, etc. in black with black interior and grey wheels. I have never owned a black car before, and I know it will be hard to keep clean, but the pics of the Model S in black are amazing! I was also going to wait for better seats, but who knows if they will ever be offered. If they become available, I hope to be able to buy them later and have them installed. What sold me is the incredible instant torque that even puts my 2012 911S to shame. I am worried that I'm going to miss the incredible cornering of the 911S, but I hardly push that car that hard anymore anyway for fear of an accident or a ticket. I didn't order the Tesla for the fuel efficiency, since my commutes are less than the 30 miles/day. I placed the order because no other car will give me that type of acceleration without needing to shift gears, it has room for my golf clubs, it looks amazing, and it will be like no other car in the parking lot. Thanks to everyone on this forum that has taken a chance on the car before me!

noel.smyth | 23. April 2013

awesome, good luck and you are welcome!

Amped | 23. April 2013

congrats! I also went with black on black and love it.

Cattledog | 23. April 2013

rdalcanto - Welcome, and enjoy.

GeekEV | 23. April 2013

Welcome and congrats!

patrick.meier | 23. April 2013

Welcome, and well done on getting rid of your certainly beautiful and carefully engineered steam train from Porsche.

Prasad B | 23. April 2013

I have black-on-black and I totally love it. It looks awesome - bought it on Feb 16th. Keeping it clean is not too bad - I just dust it every morning before driving to work, and then every Sunday or every other Sunday I give it a quick wash with just plain water. Looks new all the time!

rdalcanto | 23. April 2013

Prasad B, what do you use to dust the car off?

SD Supercharger | 23. April 2013

I too have a Black P85 and it stays remarkably clean looking. The really nice thing is that you rarely use the brakes and so you are not constantly trying to remove the brake dust from the front wheels. Its a remarkable piece of engineering---you won't regret it for a second. I previously owned a 911 as well and I don't miss having to wait for the revs to build before the car hits its sweet spot (very little torque at low rpms). Look at it like this---all ICE cars are the past, and you will now be driving the future.

vgrinshpun | 23. April 2013


While waiting for Model S, you can permanently drive the Porsche in second gear to get used to the feel of the Model S drive train.

I am thinking about similarly equipped P85, less the panoramic roof.
Waiting until my TSLA gains would equal the money needed to buy P85. The way it currently goes, should place reservation some time this year.

jymamone | 23. April 2013

sold my 911 to get model S, (which was black). been driving my black on black performance 85 for over a month. no regrets whatsoever! this is my sixth black car. not so bad once you get used to taking care of a black car. nothing looks better when its clean. congrats. you will love it.

Captain_Zap | 23. April 2013


When and how did you first learn about the Model S?

rdalcanto | 23. April 2013

@ Captain_Zap,

I learned about the Model S while looking at hybrids and electrics on Edmunds. I was originally looking for a way to sell the Porsche, get a less expensive car, and get something that would satisfy the nerd in me. I test drove the Volt and Fusion hybrids, but couldn't stand the poor handling of either. Edmunds listed the Tesla, and I started to read about it. I learned it was car of the year, and read some more. 0-60 in the 4 second range really peaked my interest. Suddenly I wasn't going to save on monthly payments, but the tech factor is through the roof with the Tesla, and I started to get excited. I was a little disappointed with the cornering of the P85 on the first test drive, but the acceleration kept me coming back. Then I realized part of the corning "problem" was actually due to the fact that I was probably trying to corner at much higher speeds that normal, due to the fact that without engine noise and gears, it is really hard to tell how fast you are going in the Tesla! However, I have to be honest, I'm really hoping the suspension upgrade makes a noticeable difference or I don't know if I will be happy with the handling aspect. Unlike most Porsche owners who just drive to the store, I was taking mine to the race track and really enjoying what she can do. Here I am at the Miller Speedway chasing a GT3. Real lap with warm tires starts at 3:50. Going about 140mph on the main straight.

teriyaki88 | 23. April 2013

uh...welcome to the dark side ;)

DavidG | 23. April 2013

Keep the Porsche. Porsche can fix fender benders, but TM has had nearly 5 months on mine and they still can't finish the $12K estimated job (no structural damage). At first, Tesla lied about where they get parts -- from the last car in the assembly line. Then they said Tesla was still figuring out what parts should cost. In Los Angeles there are 4 dealers & 1 service center, but 350 miles from the Fremont factory there are no parts. Just last month the West LA service center was seeking 250A fuses from _outside_ sources!

I am sick of it. I am thinking about asking for my money back under CA Lemon Law. (Granted it will take 6 weeks to process and I won't get the sales tax back.) Today, they said while "everything is working, there are still a few parts missing," but they won't say which ones, "maybe a screw here or there."

Someone should be fired, but that won't happen until a refund is sought and publicized.

Former EV enthusiast

Captain_Zap | 23. April 2013


My spouse set a record for his class at Miller. Not sure if it is still standing. I don't remember if it was PSA or SCCA.

Captain_Zap | 23. April 2013

Oops. PCA not PSA.

glenster | 23. April 2013

I work for BH Porsche (10 years as their Internet Sales MAnager)...and I bought a Tesla. I ordered it in black/black but I just could not keep it clean so I wrapped it in satin white pearl instead and love it!

robert27 | 23. April 2013

I've have been driving the black sig performance since november. It just gets better and better. I do wash it weekly. It came with the grey rims, which i like. I did put the all season 19 inch wheels on for the winter and I have a spare. BTW, the red ferrari that caught up with me today on the comute would be a joy to own but just not in my price range. He did give a wave as I moved on. I know its tough to compare, but I am pretty sure he was aware of the performance. The sound of that car really was cool but loud. I have really gotten used to the quiet power of the model S.