P85 0-60 time over 5 seconds...?

P85 0-60 time over 5 seconds...?

I have the 19" this why my 0-60 time I over 5 sec?

AmpedRealtor | 22. August 2013

I don't know, is it?

earlyretirement | 22. August 2013

Sounds like it has something to do with your screen name. LOL. "Sleeper". You might want to push down on the pedal harder. ;)

All of my friends that have one aren't having time doing it faster.

dbaskara | 22. August 2013

seems hard to believe, the S60 goes in 5.1-5.5 sec

Brian H | 22. August 2013

Probably. Less road contact/push/traction.

aviatoruss | 24. August 2013

Tesla says 0-60 in 4.2. Motor Trend says it was faster.

jat | 24. August 2013

I get right at 5s in my S85 with 19" wheels. Are you pressing the accelerator all the way down? :)

erici | 24. August 2013

Now it seems like it would be easy for Tesla to update the software so that it told you how fast it gets to 60. This way when your buddy says "how fast is it to 60", you can just say "hop in". Then go hit the freeway onramp and step on it. A moment later, you have the precise time presented to you.

The software also knows how fast the wheels are turning and can tell you how fast your car runs the quarter mile.

Then again, most cars could have this feature but don't. I wish Tesla could lead here.

phat78boy | 24. August 2013


The SRT8 vehicles have a lot of this functionality, it would be nice to see it added. 0-60 timer, 1/4 mile timer, 1/8 mile timer, G force measure, and lastly 60-0 brake time.

ikutoisahobo | 24. August 2013

Are you sure you're not trying to do a 0-60 on an incline or something?

Obviously since air density or being at sea level to obtain maximum power doesn't apply on an electric vehicle, I can only narrow it down to:

Trying to do a 0-60 on an uphill/inclining grade

Not pushing the accelerator far enough

Wheel spin (?)

jat | 24. August 2013

The performance model's traction control does seem to be tuned for the 21" wheels, as people have seen some wheelspin when flooring it. However, that isn't enough to explain that much difference -- I see faster times on my non-performance car on 19" tires. Different surfaces have different coefficients of friction -- if you are doing this on concrete, it won't be nearly as good as new asphalt, for example.

Brian H | 24. August 2013

How about on gravel roads?