Paint armor

Paint armor

If you check the options page and the tesla store page you will notice that the paint armor cost $500 more from the tesla store then an added option. Any reasons or thoughts?

Brian H | 16. November 2012

More down time for their robots?

Nick Kordich | 16. November 2012

I imagine it's easier to install it assembly-line fashion on a brand new car on the factory floor than at a service center, on a car that may need a thorough cleaning (at $1500, I assume they don't just put the film on top of insects stuck to your fender). I don't know if the Tesla store price includes on-site installation, but even at a service center, I wouldn't be too surprised if the technicians there are more expensive, on an hourly basis, than their factory workers.

In addition, it's not too unusual for an option to cost less at the time of purchase of the car and more later - you are more likely to spend an extra thousand when you're making a big purchase, and this may cause someone on the fence to see this as saving $500, over the price of buying it later.

jerry3 | 17. November 2012

Nick's correct. You want to get any options, other than removable items such as floor mats or that extra UMC, at the time of manufacture, they will always cost more later for a variety of reasons.

stevenmaifert | 17. November 2012

Probably wishful thinking, but I'm hoping the items in the
Tech package might become aftermarket later on. Just couldn't bring myself to spend $3750 for things I don't need, but would be willing to spend a little extra for a few I could use.

Aleksandyr | 17. November 2012

Is the armor worth it? I am getting the green. I was on the fence. I am thinking I might want to try and add it to my order. #2542

biwamura | 17. November 2012

Store price probably does not include the installation.

jerry3 | 17. November 2012

Aleksandyr -- Is the armor worth it?

It kind of depends on what you think is important. The sticking point with Tesla's paint armour is that it only covers half the hood so there is a dirt line, which is supposed to be more visible on light colours. Other than that it does a good job of reducing stone chips and can be removed without paint damage. Some people are getting a full wrap after they take delivery. A full wrap is supposed to cost around $3 - $4 K and covers the entire car.

Nick Kordich | 17. November 2012

@biwamura - Store price does include installation (it's listed as "Full kit with install" here), but it's not clear whether this includes on-site installation by a ranger or requires bringing the car in to a Tesla service center.

lajollan | 17. November 2012

Was at the Tesla showroom this afternoon. After I asked about if he had seen one come in with the paint armour, we walked around the demo car and he volunteered that because people have been worried about the armour line at the middle of the hood, Tesla is now leaning towards wrapping the entire hood in paint armour. He did not know when that will occur, but it was brought to their attention by corporate headquarters.

suegie | 17. November 2012

I can only speak to the film I had added to my Camry Hybrid back in only covers half the hood and a variety of other key areas. The dirt line is really only visible if you are standing within a few feet. My car is metallic silver...not white...some people who are standing close to the film think something is wrong...but there is so much value to having it that I am absolutely getting it on my Signature Red paint. It does more than just avoid rock chips and bug can actually reinforce the body under minimal impacts like plastic cones, etc. I've had the car about 6.5 years and it hasn't yellowed either...this is 3M film, and I really love it. I wish Tesla would cover the whole hood just to keep from having that dirt line, but honestly, where the functionality is concerned, half the hood is plenty to avoid the rock chips.

kelly | 18. November 2012

I opted to NOT get the factory installed paint armor because of the visible line across the hood. I've got a silver S. Instead I had Protective Film Solutions (in Santa Ana, CA) install the 3M Clear Bra. They wrap the entire hood, front fenders, back side of mirros, bumper, headlights, fog lights, and front spoiler (but not the black nose cone) and it looks awesome. The film wraps all the way around the edges of the hood so there are no lines.

I also had them install the 3M Crystalline window tint, which I highly recommend if you are at all concerned about UV protection and minimizing in cabin heat gain. It's about twice as expensive as a quality brand of normal tint, but I think it's well worth it. It's amazing how much cooler the cabin stays when the car is sitting in the direct sun!

Here's the website:

which can point you to dealers/installers in your area if you are interested in the 3M products. Also, note that Protective Film Soutions has a shop in the Phoenix area and is opening a shop up in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year.

Robert22 | 18. November 2012

There are already heat and UV reduction elements built into the panoroof are there not?

kelly | 19. November 2012

@ Robert22

Yes, the Pano-roof glass is actually very amazing. I'm not a sunroof person...never open them for light or it seems like the sun is always in my eyes and the cabin is too noisy with it open.

However, with the Pano-roof it lets in just enough light (for me anyway), but its not in your eyes or burning your head and it does an excellent job of blocking the heat too. I almost didn't get the pano-roof because of these concerns, but I'm glad I really is a nice feature...and it provides a bit more headroom which is a plus!

jerry3 | 23. November 2012


Agreed. The pano roof is kind of a mandatory option if you expect any adult to sit in the back. And because there hasn't been even one complaint about light or heat (admittedly no one has gone through a full summer either) it doesn't seem to be a bad choice. I would like to see the pano roof without the opening mechanism though--that's just something that can leak and break. | 23. November 2012

As I posted in another thread-- I took the paint armor diagram and picture of the vehicle to the local "high end vehicle" installer I have used on my previous cars. They said they could not beat the price for the coverage...So for me it was factory installed armor & locally installed window tint.

Mand | 17. Juni 2014

Pano roof IS hotter. I recently drove two Model S in Atlanta.. Both cars were sitting outside. Drove one car, then got into the other with a pano roof and I noticed it felt hotter than the other. Car color was the same... Air conditioning seemed to take longer to cool the car as well. We discussed this...I asked if it was the pano roof and reached up and touched the glass, which was actually VERY hot. In fact, I could feel the heat radiating from the pano roof into the interior. While the roof material probably does a good job absorbing some of the heat (but clearly not as much as a non-glass roof), there is no air space or "insulation" material between you and the glass as there is with a normal roof...resulting in larger energy transfer into the cabin space. I immediately decided not to buy this option. Try it yourself on a hot summer day...touch the headliner around the pano opening and see how warm it is. Then touch the glass in the pano WILL be hotter, and so will the interior.