Parking width and height in Hong Kong

Parking width and height in Hong Kong

Really looking forward to the Model X to replace my Toyota Previa 3.5 in Hong Kong. However, I am concerned about the space the Model X has to occupy. Most parking garage in HK have low ceilings and cars with a height over 1.8m (approx. 5 ft 10.8 inch) are not allowed to drive in. I am sure the Model X's height is shorter than that, but will the falcon wings be able to be fully opened for ingress/egress?

Also, with the X wider than the MB S-Class, and the tight parking spots in HK... With the sliding doors on my Previa, if I happened to park into a really tight spot, I can climb to the rear seats and get out of the car from there. Wonder if I can do the same thing with the falcon wing doors.

Tâm | 24. Juni 2014

There is no official measurement except for what you see on pictures:

One picture with it in a one car garage which is small by a standard house of 2 car garage.

Falcon wings should not take more space than conventional doors do. So you can park very close to the next cars and the wings would open up and away from those cars.

You can climb from first row to second row, but I don't think you can climb from second row to third row unless your tummy is very flat :)

From second row, you can activate the falcon wings of course.

Red Sage ca us | 25. Juni 2014

I'm pretty sure that the Tesla Model X was designed with the expectation a minimal 'MAX HEADROOM' limitation of 2.0 m, roughly 6'-7" or so, perhaps a bit more. I would not expect the Falcon Wing Doors to open fully at a 1.8 m, 5'-10" height at all.

If you take a look at the Model X Reveal Video, all the guys who get out of the prototype are at least 6'-0" tall or more. The opened Falcon Wing Doors are taller than them all... by a lot.

Franz von Holzhausen is about 6'-3" at least. The roof of the car comes up to his shoulder. Maybe 5'-7" or so?

Sure, it will be possible for the doors to stop automatically, sensing the ceiling height... But I expect that would never get closer than roughly 75-100 mm (3"-to-4") from its surface. I really don't think this will allow the doors to open in a space under 1.8 m at all.

danielcleung | 29. Juni 2014

Thanks to both Tam and Red Sage. I guess I really have to see the car in real person and "kick the tires" to figure out if the door design is really practical for the environment in Hong Kong.