Pay for charging

Pay for charging

In Norway, Tesla will put up superchargers between the largest cities. That is fine, but I would gladly pay (say $50+
) for using a supercharger in the cities.

I think Tesla should put up Superchargers that reqire payment in the cities. These would not be crowded and would typically be used by travellers (sine it will be much cheaper to charge at home for the locals).

What do you think?

negarholger | 23. August 2013

There is no limit how cheap some people are...

So far in 5 month I haven't charged once at a city charger ( Bay Area ). The 200 miles practical range serves 100% of my driving needs.
Before I had the car I was scouting all the nearby charging options, but that was not needed. What you need is a SC 50 miles outside the city.

ian | 23. August 2013

@kristian - Do you not have garages or any place somewhat private to park your cars at night in Norway? I know the nightly charging routine would be difficult for many apartment dwellers here in the US, especially the ones whose apartments don't offer assigned parking. That is the only reason I can see for installing TSCS's (Tesla Super Charging Stations) in the city.


kristian.skogstroem | 23. August 2013

Kleist, I agree. A charging station 50 miles outside the city would do the trick :-)

Goneskiian, if I stay over at a friends house they typically have a 2.3 kW outlet which would be very slow..