Why not...

Dear management,

Please provide an invite to PhillyGal for the Model 3 unveiling. Anyone else in support?

ST70 | 08. Januar 2016

YES! you get my vote!

sklancha | 08. Januar 2016

If PhillyGal gets the invite, I would be happy to give her a lift. A girls cross country trip ;P


prp | 09. Januar 2016

Why not hold it in a stadium and invite all tesla owners.

Ankit Mishra | 09. Januar 2016

lol. The forum would crash next day by the simultaneous complaints of owners who thought the event was not good.

SbMD | 09. Januar 2016

I disagree. I think Electric Jen should be invited instead.

(Psst - PhillyGal is Electric Jen on YouTube, for those who don't know.... Check out her channel and Teslarati posts)

jordanrichard | 09. Januar 2016

Only and this is a big ONLY, she brings enough cheese steaks for everyone...... :-)

PhillyGal | 09. Januar 2016

@priustech - You're giving me a big head, but thanks for the kind words (everyone.)

Red Sage ca us | 09. Januar 2016

I'm Red Sage, and I approve this message.

SongWhistler | 09. Januar 2016

I agree with OP 100% -- forum owners deserve a rep at the reveal, PhillyGal is the One.

sbeggs | 09. Januar 2016


Yeah, one Gal to rule them all...!

gecko | 09. Januar 2016

Sure... anyone that wagers a newbie on instant love... I think she should represent!

lar_lef | 09. Januar 2016

A fair citizen of the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love deserves an invite.

NKYTA | 09. Januar 2016

Only if she wears the bikini. ;-)

negarholger | 09. Januar 2016

I have to agree... somehow I have the feeling she would be a perfect spokesperson for the Model 3

PhillyGal | 09. Januar 2016

Now's the time to check out my YouTube channel folks, between now and tonight I'll be posting some videos of first tries at the new software, complete with bird-brained commentary. ("Holy cow" and "Speed limit's 45 degrees.")

jordanrichard | 09. Januar 2016

Great video PG. Well, there goes "on private property only". GPS has to know that was not a private residence, yet it worked. Though anyone want to get in the "action" of the first moron to do this in a public parking lot between cars. I saw "moron" because I fully expect just as with the AP, to use it when/where it wasn't intended. PG did the right thing and not only used what was essentially an empty parking lot, but PhillyGuy was also monitoring things with his own FOB. Very responsible demonstration.

bobrobert | 09. Januar 2016

PG EJ, you should not only get the invite, but be tapped yourself to do the unveiling of the Model 3. And more, should you tote the often touted bikini to California.

steveg1701 | 09. Januar 2016

Another vote for Jen!

and 2 for the bikini ;-)

PBEndo | 09. Januar 2016

At a minimum, PhillyGal should be given access to an early Model 3 so she can post some videos of it.

Roamer@AZ USA | 09. Januar 2016

We can carpool.....

PhillyGal | 09. Januar 2016

Big horrible awful confession:

I didn't read the release notes, as we had a limited time frame to shoot some footage. PhillyGuy did and failed to remind me that doing the test not on private property was against the rules. We certainly won't be doing that again.

Ricco831 | 09. Januar 2016


grimusford | 09. Januar 2016

She is pretty hot.....E please send her invite.

Jacqueline.gerhart | 09. Januar 2016

+1 great videos. Tesla, please send her an invite

Red Sage ca us | 09. Januar 2016