Please don't use FWD as acronym for Falcon Wing Doors. FWD is already taken and is sacrosanct for you-know-what.

Please don't use FWD as acronym for Falcon Wing Doors. FWD is already taken and is sacrosanct for you-know-what.

FWD means front wheel drive. Don't mess with it.

danej | 01. Oktober 2015

No, it means four wheel drive. =)

Son of a Gunn | 01. Oktober 2015

You mean 4WD/a>.

Linus | 02. Oktober 2015

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
FWD may refer to:

Front-wheel drive, a common method of vehicle propulsion
FWD (Famine, War, and Drought), Campaign from USAID
Free World Dialup (now simply FWD), a non-commercial Voice over IP network
Falling weight deflectometer (Falling Weight Deflectometer test), a structural test on road and airport pavements
Far Western District, a geographical district of the Barbershop Harmony Society
Fear the Walking Dead
Fire weather outlook, a forecast of fire weather conditions by the U.S. National Weather Service
An archaic term for four-wheel drive (4WD or AWD is preferred today)
The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company of Clintonville, Wisconsin, later the FWD Corporation
An abbreviation of "Forward", appended to the beginning of e-mail subject lines when sending a received message on to someone else ("forwarding"), a lobbying group in the United States founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs (led by Mark Zuckerberg), focused on immigration reform and improving education and enabling technological breakthrough.
Free Working Distance, a term used in microscopy to describe the distance between the focused object and the objective lens

Ankit Mishra | 02. Oktober 2015

That ship has sailed long ago bro. Now FWD stand for Falcon Wing Doors. Deal with it.

Pbfoot | 02. Oktober 2015

@Son of a Gunn: So which of the above definitions were you referring to - or is it something unprintable?

FelixMendeldog | 02. Oktober 2015

Amen! Use of acronyms is out of hand; they’ve become an extremely common cause of obfuscation. I have seen, on this forum, SC used to mean: 1) Super Charger 2) Service Center 3) South Carolina 4) Southern California 5) Supreme Court and 6) SoundCloud.

Speaking of Wikipedia entry: [FWD] “An archaic term for four-wheel drive (4WD or AWD is preferred today)” — Four-wheel-drive and All-Wheel-Drive are /not/ the same thing—the term “All-wheel-drive” was coined to refer to a more sophisticated (at least for on road) torque distribution system than which is now more common. But some of you will remember manually locking hubs and trucks without center differentials, yes? Locking four-wheel-drive is still preferable to all-wheel-drive for off-road use and rock climbing Jeeps if you‘re in to that sort of thing (I’m not).

carlk | 02. Oktober 2015

How could FWD ever mean front wheel drive when Medel X is discussed? It means only one thing that is falcon wing door. Just live with it.

Son of a Gunn | 02. Oktober 2015

The context is cars, so let's stay in that.

I don't want new religions. If you're a car guy, person, car nut, gearhead, whatever, some terms are holy.

vandacca | 02. Oktober 2015

Let's not start a TLA war!

(Three Letter Acronym)

deeageux | 02. Oktober 2015

How about FwD?

I like
SvC = Service Center
SC =Supercharger