Post in Italian removed? Say it ain't so, Tesla!

Post in Italian removed? Say it ain't so, Tesla!

Yesterday I saw a lovely post in Italian, congratulating "us" - presumably Tesla, but perhaps also those of us who have bought one and are helping the company succeed - on being forward thinking and wishing us good fortune in the future. It was as positive as can be, and it was in Italian. Now I can't see it anymore. Do posts in languages other than English get removed? That would be sad and short sighted. Tesla is a company that already has international significance and will have much more so in coming months/years. This forum should be able to reflect that.

stephen.pace | 01. April 2013

It probably got moved to the Italian forums:

herkimer | 01. April 2013

It seems the post has been moved to General topic heading, from the Model S forum. You can find it there now called complimenti -- very very good! I also thought that was a nice post. Someone respond in Italiano!