Production rates

Production rates

Anybody know if (or why) Tesla is aiming for only a 400 per week production rate for the Model S?

If rumours are true, that they are getting about 75 new reservations per day, that means the backlog will be growing 125 units per week (or about 0.3125 week's worth of production). We are looking at a scenario where by the time September rolls around, they'll be sold out of all of 2014's production.

The wait times will be getting excessive.

This means they should be considering a production rate closer to at least 600 units per week by mid-2013 just to keep up with rising demand and to shrink the backlog, so that wait times aren't horrendous.

Yet, I haven't seen anything that says they are planning to ramp up even higher in 2013. Anybody else seen any news on this front?

Sudre_ | 10. Januar 2013

The rumor is that Tesla has started a second shift. Many including myself think they are at or around 600 cars a week now. Elon probably wants to get caught up on the backlog so once the second shift is fully training production might hit 800 cars a week.

I don't think there has been any official news but if you look at the number of cars (VINs) at the end of November 2012 and the number of cars (VINs) at the end of December 2012 you will see that they had to be at least doing 600 a week by the end of 2012.