professional driver option

professional driver option

I'd like to have a driver at times.
but for him not to hear my conversations on the phone etc.
Can tesla do a headset that..
allows him to hear external noise and internal warning noises..
of course they can. ... but will they.. | 30. Oktober 2014

Just my unfounded opinion, but it's unlikely that there will be any factory options. You'd probably have to look into something 3rd party.

Youyay ouldcay alsoyay alktay inyay igpay atinlay.

vperl | 30. Oktober 2014

The forgotten language. Took me hours to decipher.

petergskipton | 30. Oktober 2014

any driver i would employ would know talin

Brian H | 30. Oktober 2014

But would he speak pig?

EternalChampion | 30. Oktober 2014

Just brush up on Aramaic. Or Navajo. They'll never figure you out.

Is it possible to hire a deaf driver?

Brian H | 30. Oktober 2014

Loud white noise generator. | 31. Oktober 2014

how about Tesla offers "professional driver" as one of the autopilot options?
This begs the question: If so, what would the other options be?

On the west coast of Florida in the winter those options will be "geezer", Canadian geezer", "cracker", "New Yorker"', " Bostonian", mid-westerner, and "idiot". The latter case may combine many of the attributes of the previous ones but would surely include texting while driving, adjusting make-up or shaving while texting, eating while doing all of the aforementioned. There might ( for added $) be the "complete idiot" option that includes smoking with all of the aforementioned activities.

DTsea | 06. November 2014

Since it's illegal to wear headphones while driving I guess they won't do that.