Radar/Laser Detector - request update

Radar/Laser Detector - request update

So basically, there is no way I am ever driving the speed limit in this car and need some protection for my ultimate stupidity and bad fortune.

I want either a built-in unit (preferred), or one that is very low profile in the car. I did have one that was built-in in my 911 (circa 1999) which gave off false alarms constantly.

My concern with one inside the cabin is that the cord hanging down will be in the way and my wife will hate it. A battery operated one if put on the windshield low is so far forward it will not be easy to silence.

What have owners used for remote mount units? I do not have a front license plate installed so it is not available to camouflage some sensors. I have heard that at least 1 uses blue-tooth to communicate into the main cabin, no clue as to quality of the unit. And i did understand there were issues with positioning through the windshield.

Unfortunately, I am in a 2nd/3rd tier market from where most high end aftermarket electronics are installed (Nashville, TN) and I question turning my car over to strangers.

I probably owned 5 or the original escorts when they came out in the 1980's. But its been a long time since i have been in the market.

I would appreciate feedback from other owners as to what they used and how well it worked.


kevonandmarion | 26. Juni 2013

I mount a Escort Passport on my windshield. I was saved just last week on Highway 280 (California) doing 85 MPH and the laser detector went off. It almost never does so I decided to slow down and about 1/2 mile later there was a CHP. I also have had K and Ka go off on surface streets and seen cops with radar.

I don't seem to have a problem or any intereference as others have reported.

DR R | 26. Juni 2013

my valentine 1 doesn't pick up signals from the front....but does from the back.....? coating on the windshield?.....looking into a K40

mortgagebruce | 26. Juni 2013

I'm bummed about the V1's. I've had one for about 15 years and hate being forced to change. I'm interested in other options as well.

Bighorn | 26. Juni 2013

I think I read that there's an area on the windshield that the V1 can "see through".

BYT | 27. Juni 2013

I have the K40 installed and it works too well. Sensors on other cars get picked up often. Otherwise it's better then not having it. Had 3 tickets the first couple months and none since. Had my Sig P85 over 6 months now!

rsigman | 27. Juni 2013

The Beltronics STiR Plus is the best device I've used. It needs to be installed by a professional, and it's rather pricey.

murraypetera | 27. Juni 2013

Escort has a new model but is still only windshield mount. It blows away any other detector from first reviews. I'm sure they will have installed version soon. Ideal situation would be to mount in the nosecone of the car. I am not sure how this would effect reception.

Current detector is escort sitting in console but reception is poor. I have not tried to mount it on windshield yet. I am thinking of remote mounting it to see how it does in frunk or nosecone.

The model S also has a nice location for mounting laser jammer under each headlight. I have yet to move my blinder over but will shortly.

cbirnbach | 27. Juni 2013

Escort 9500ci. Laser jammers, GPS to learn false alarms, visual readout installed in rear view mirror. Totally stealth. 4000 installed. Benchmark motoring in Bellevue WA.

pencil2man | 27. Juni 2013

i do know that laser jammers are illegal in my home state

kent | 27. Juni 2013

Escort 9500ci. Perfect installation below touch screen in storage area. Glad to post pictures - No legal in all 50 states, but jammer feature can be turned off.

danej | 27. Juni 2013

Please do post a picture of the Escort! In particular I wonder about the visual readout in the rear view.


pencil2man | 28. Juni 2013

do i recall seeing a thread where switched power is available at the rear view mirror housing? how do you access it?

KeithE | 28. Juni 2013

I had a dash mounted escort in my Audi s4 for 3 years prior to my model s but didn't want to have the power cord running across the touch screen or pay to have it hard wire installed. I bought the battery operated escort and use a visor clip to mount to passenger visor so it's easy to turn off/ on. The windshield is definitely an issue with interference. It will pick up signals but much closer in the front than without the interference. The rear pickup works fine. While I'm not 100% protected at a long distances I have some comfort it helps. It's really unfortunate that tesla has this problem with the windshield coating.

jasonsc | 28. Juni 2013

This thread is of interest to me. I too would like to see how the 9500ci is mounted in the Model S and, if there are any good recommendations on shops in Orange County, CA to have this installed.

PBEndo | 28. Juni 2013

@pencil2man The plastic housing on the rear view mirror stalk can be pried apart. There is a switched 12V power and ground that work perfectly for my Escort. I used a wiring conector I found on Ebay ( and the installation was very easy. I know the windshield coating blocks laser, but it detects radar just fine.

Picture of the plastic housing

mortgagebruce | 28. Juni 2013

I spoke to V1 about this and there is a spot on the windshield but the V1 can't be mounted to take advantage of it I was told.

If it's true that only laser is affected for the V1 and not the other bands I wouldn't really care because once the laser goes off they've got you. There just isn't enough advanced warning unless you have a jammer.

DR R | 30. Juni 2013

my experience is that radar (and prob laser) are blocked by the windshield coating.... spoke with V1.....they were no help and basically said they had no work-around likely..

Brian H | 30. Juni 2013

Scratch off a few sq." of the coating with a sharp knife?

kent | 03. Juli 2013

Sorry for the delay. I've posted a picture of the installation at

The blinders are behind the nose cone in the front and are not visible. The rear blinder is mounted just below the base of the car.

I do have the Custom CCI from

Hope this helps. My installation was done by Custom Audio out of Columbus, Ohio.

RonaldA | 03. Juli 2013

They have internet based units now that track traps and false alarms and link real time to others with the same unit. I believe escort sells one. These can be portable or wired in with front and rear mounted sensors. Imagine, you pass a trap, hit a button and it instantly loads to the net to tell others before they are even in range. Soon we'd have all the hiding spots mapped out and color coded as to there activity.

pencil2man | 21. August 2013

It has been a while since this was updated, anyone have recommendations for build-in radar units in a model s?

murraypetera | 21. August 2013

Wait for new escort which must be coming soon since they have already started selling the windshield version.

I have put my windshield 9500 in the frunk and it is performing well. I loose the GPS from time to time but Ka and K seem to come in well.

At some point I will move it forward outside the frunk which will fix any GPS reception issues after I find a nice way to protect it from water.

mrspaghetti | 21. August 2013

The Trapster app is available for free in the app store and Google Play, does exactly what RonaldA is describing.

murraypetera | 21. August 2013

Trapster relies on people reporting on their phones. I played with this some time back but found it distracting. I now have Escort Live which automatically reports Ka. K band I seem to have to push the button but this is much less distracting than trapster since it is mounted in a fixed location and is a physical button.

mrspaghetti | 21. August 2013

Yes, Trapster works best if you have your phone mounted. They've improved the interface so you now only have to touch it twice to report a trap.

Would be nice if it were just a web page you could open on your 17" touch screen.

jeffsstuff | 21. August 2013

I realize this is a silly question, but wouldn't it make more sense to simply drive a reasonable speed?
For those of you who can't, I have to ask the question, are you more likely to get a ticket if the detector is spotted? Your excessive speed then seems much more premeditated and less likely because of a "whoops" moment.

mrspaghetti | 21. August 2013

@jeffsstuff: The problem is that "a reasonable speed" and "the speed limit" are often at odds. There are many, MANY places where the speed limit is set arbitrarily and artificially low for the express purpose of generating revenue from speeding tickets.

For most people it is nearly impossible to artificially slow down from what they consider a safe and reasonable speed. Try walking at half the pace you normally would for one entire day and see what I mean. The authorities know this and take advantage of it.

90% of speeding tickets are a shake down, pure and simple.

Brian H | 21. August 2013

That statistic, like 78.4% of all others, is just made up. \9p

pencil2man | 02. September 2013

I did see where you can buy a replacement rear view mirror with radar detector display embedded unit. Since this replaces the main mirror, what sensors do you lose? Rain sensor is 1 I believe.