Rear Window off track

Rear Window off track

Yesterday evening I returned to my car and found the passenger side rear window open about 1 inch. It had been raining and a small amount of water had gotten in, but did not appear to be enough to cause significant damage. I tried the window up button but it had no effect. I then tried the window down button and the window literally fell into the door. It would not move after that. I called Tesla and they planned to send a ranger the next day to fix it. I drove home with the window all the way down (not a pleasant way to cover 30 miles on the interstate) and cut a piece of cardboard to fill in the window for the next day.
Today the Tesla Ranger came to my workplace to fix the window. Apparently there is a bracket that is prone to breakage that allowed the window to come out of the track. He even said he would replace the same bracket with a reinforced one on the drivers side window to prevent the same thing from occurring again. I was very pleased with the service. He even gave me a set of floor mats.

On the way home today, I noticed a slight wind noise from the drivers side rear window, as if it was barely open. I tried "window up", but it made no difference. I tried "window down" and the window fell into the door. The same problem had occurred again. When I got home, I was able to pull the window up to its normal position. It wouldn't stay there by itself, but some packing tape is holding it just fine. The Ranger is coming back tomorrow.

I don't know if this is a common problem or I just have bad luck. If this happens to you, pulling the window glass back into position is much easier and results in a better seal than making a cardboard template. I wish I had thought of it the first time.

It is not pretty, but it works. If the ranger wasn't coming tomorrow, I would have spent more time on making the tape look better. This "fix" took about 1 minute.

bostoncde | 06. August 2013

My rear window bracket broke as well recently with about 4500 miles. Hopefully its not a common occurrence. This could happen on any car though.

nickjhowe | 06. August 2013

There is a service bulletin for the rear window mount..."Rear window regulator reinforcement clip (SB-13-11-005)"

bish | 06. August 2013

This is a known issue affecting the rear windows only, and there is already a fix for it. Service will install a reinforcing clip to prevent this from happening again. It was not considered so serious that it needed a recall. It takes about 15 per window. I watched Andy from the Springfield NJ SC do my car. He made it look easy.

PBEndo | 06. August 2013

@bish - read my post carefully. They installed the clip on the driver's side rear window, the one that wasn't broken, as a preventive measure. It broke the first time I tried it after the fix!

BTW, if this is a known issue, why wasn't it addressed on my car at previous service visits. I only received my car back from the last service visit (for other issues) 7/24. I think that was the 4th service since March. Or did they address it but the fix isn't working?

PBEndo | 06. August 2013

My intention it not to complain about the window problem. However, since it happened to me twice, I guessed it might be a common occurrence. I posted to suggest trying to reposition the window as a temporary fix if this happens to other Tesla owners because I didn't think of that the first time, but it was a far better solution the second time.

jonesxander | 06. August 2013

No, yeah please complain away pbendo. That sucks. Still though, Go Tesla!

PBEndo | 06. August 2013

@jonesxander - I am not sure what you mean there....

Though I have had many problems with my car it is still, by far, the best car I have ever driven. Tesla service has put forth a lot of effort trying to right the wrongs. Certainly, I would have preferred to have no problems with the car. However, I can't imagine another car company working so hard to fix the problems I have had.

Being an early adopter, I expected to hit some bumps in the road. I must admit, I didn't expect most of the problems to be with the old technology though (paint, sunroof, windows).

negarholger | 06. August 2013

It happend with both rear windows 6 times in three years with our Benz - no ranger and $800 each time.
Temoprary solution is to by a $10 double suction cup bathroom handle and place it on the inside to hold the window up.

justineet | 06. August 2013

It sucks but the good news is it's not a very costly issue with ur transmission or combustion engine that happens sometimes with new ICE cars :)

PBEndo | 07. August 2013

The repairs haven't cost me a penny, and I did get to put over 2000 miles on a loaner, instead on my car

PBEndo | 07. August 2013

@Kleist I like the suction cup idea! I wonder though if it would work well on the Tesla since the rear windows have minimal track to hold the glass in place

dubaty | 07. August 2013

I just want to say that I really appreciate this forum and all the contributors. I am just coming up on 4000 miles on my MS and have not had any major problems yet, but this forum has allowed me to be prepared and to read about various solutions. This makes being an early adopter a little less nerve-wracking.
@pbendo - sorry to hear about your window problems, but thanks for sharing.

PBEndo | 07. August 2013

The ranger service and loaner options really helps minimize the frustration most new car owners would have with these issues. The ranger has already fixed my window this morning at my office, which is 60 miles from the service center. And this was done with no interruption in my work schedule.

dlewis | 07. August 2013

Guess all this explains why when I took my car to the Raleigh NC service center for a TPMS fix they also did the clips. I don't think I have ever put the rear windows down to have had a problem but happy they fixed it in advance while it was in.

eAdopter | 07. August 2013

@dubaty +1
I appreciate reading about issues so I can proactively check my car. For example, I'd rather go to my garage and confirm the windows are well seated in their tracks instead of returning to my car on a rainy day to find a window down/broken. It's also informative to read about how TM responded to an issue so I have reasonable SC/Ranger expectations.

chicagoniner | 07. August 2013

Happened to me too. I took it in and they added the clip to both rear windows as started above.

jamestily | 07. August 2013

I took my car in for the 12500 mile service inspection last week and both rear windows were modified according to a service bulletin, as well as some other items that needed to be fixed.
These non recall service issues are just one more reason that I am glad that I prepaid for service at every 12500 miles. I would rather have it fixed before it breaks. My rear windows are rarely used, which would explain them not breaking with that many miles on the car already.

Chuck Lusin | 20. August 2013

I had the same problem yesterday, took it in to Costa Mesa. VIN 105xx. I hope it is a quick fix.

ziggy | 20. August 2013

Had the same issue.. it was a quick fix.

Chuck Lusin | 20. August 2013

Great to hear, Thanks ziggy!

gvavoso | 26. August 2013

Same issue this week with rear window crashing down. Fixed at Atlanta service center - they added reinforcing clips to both sides.

NKYTA | 26. August 2013

I was at Burlingame last Wednesday getting my spoiler installed and Johnny pointed out that I needed to come back when convenient to get the clips installed per the service bulletin. Another great service experience, go Tesla!