Received Illinois rebate check for $4K today 7/30/13

Received Illinois rebate check for $4K today 7/30/13

Do I use it for:
- a deposit on a model x
- paint correction, xpel, and opti pro
- a center console insert
- custom rims
- 160,000 miles of electricity
- a party for the chicago tesla team and other owners (from anywhere assuming they arrive in their MS)
- buy $4K of TSLA stock
- save it for speeding tickets

What would you do?

bradslee | 30. Juli 2013

Unless you want to donate the fund to a charity like the Tesla Foundation, I would go ahead to use the money to buy 29 shares of TSLA (maybe by the time Gen III is available, you can use the shares to buy a brand new Gen III).

Brian H | 30. Juli 2013

All of the above.

eplaza | 30. Juli 2013

My P85 is in route and if all goes well I may have it this weekend! How long did it take for you to recieve your check and what is the process for Illinois?

Devin B | 30. Juli 2013

TSLA Stock!

David Trushin | 30. Juli 2013

eplaza, check the thread in the chicago group.

eplaza | 30. Juli 2013

David, would that be in the tesla motor club, or somewhere in this forum?

Longhorn92 | 30. Juli 2013

eplaza: look at the link below, and the last two sections at the bottom of the page explain the application deadline and process

eplaza | 30. Juli 2013

Longhorn, thank you, very helpful.

art | 30. Juli 2013

I got my Illinois 4,000 rebate check on 7 /29

Andrew18 | 30. Juli 2013

Just got ours today.