Rental car convinced me: I'm all electric forever!

Rental car convinced me: I'm all electric forever!

I've had my Signature for ten weeks now. Had to drop it at the service center to get an odd loss-of-navigation fix done, and they gave me a nice rental car - an Altima.

Driving back from Fremont to SF, I realized that I never, EVER want to drive a gasoline car again. Why? Biggest first reason: When you take your foot off the accelerator, it KEEPS GOING! My Tesla regenerates and brakes. In the Altima I found myself running up the back of people ahead of me and having to use a lot of -- horrors! -- braking.

I didn't have my usual acceleration and handling, but bottom line was the thrill of regenerative braking. I hope they only need my car overnight!


nickjhowe | 08. Januar 2013

Know what you mean. The thought of actually having to start a car seems archaic. What do you mean I can't just put it in drive and go???

Tâm | 08. Januar 2013

I notice the same feeling too! It's horrible to go back to ICE! ICE is so ancient!

Tesla is so smooth, so responsive, so calming!

I am so thankful for Tesla for building such an incredible car.

RZitrin1 | 08. Januar 2013

And I, for my part, must apologize for mistakenly posting this thread twice. (This is fuzzy-headed petroleum-caused thinking, of course.) | 08. Januar 2013

There is no going back.

olanmills | 08. Januar 2013

I still have yet to sell my old car, and I have had to move it around here and there. The first time I drove it after three days of driving the Model S, the noises were so glaring to me, and it's amazing how quickly I had forgetten about them too. I actaully thought at first that maybe something was wrong with the car (yes, of course I still remembered that the car makes some noise, but it still sounded strange to me).

Also, I almost got out of the car twice without turning it off and removing the key, lol.