Replies from non owner (me) to posts in owner threads

Replies from non owner (me) to posts in owner threads

Wow!! I accepted that I slipped immediately and yet you have to direct your emotional outburst at me like I am some serial labeler. I guess someone accepting a mistake allows you a clear chance to swing your arms, isn't it mate?
Well, your or anyone's opinion of how my behaviour is an important feedback to me but I am fairly certain in my skills in having civilised discussions and your outburst hasn't created a single shred of doubt in my mind.
You call me fanboi mate? Thanks. World is a dark place and I take honour in being called a fanboi of a person/company trying to trigger innovation and care for humanity in people. Let Tesla or Elon slack even a little bit, you will see this fanboism turn against them at full force.

I could use your words but negative feelings need to stop somewhere. So, I will yet again reply calmly. Some of these people take every piece of data or info and turn it around to declare that Tesla is heading for doomsday. You maybe right about supplier issues but what's with taking Elon's own comments about X in negative way. That's hardcore wishful thinking. Also check @dortor predictions in his recent posts in multiple threads. And you call me a fanboi? But only people contradicting your opinions can be over the top? Isnt it so?
Finally, if you cant accept that people have different opinions than what you have and they will reply when you post your opinions and when they reply you feel berated then no one can help you. Please continue to feel annoyed.

Ankit Mishra | 29. Oktober 2015

You have a different measure of measuring the success of a company than I have. Certainly profitability is important but also important is the goal and the change the company is causing. In my opinion there isn't a company as important as Tesla except Spacex and Google. And I would like to point out that Tesla is not profitable because it is investing in its growth. It can already be a niche profitable company like Porsche, but it has very big goals. Its a strategy similar to Amazon.

Ankit Mishra | 29. Oktober 2015

Well said.

ian | 29. Oktober 2015

Easy does it. Not trying to start a flame war here. Certainly not swinging any arms. Only calling you out on your fact checking. Do more before calling out others. The supplier issues have been acknowledged (foreshadowed?) by Elon and will be again next week.

My apologies for calling you a "fanboi" and "annoying". I agree that wasn't appropriate. I got called out in the other thread by carlk as well.

Listen. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the Tesla Motors and their products. You're amongst friends here (for the most part). Even those that sometimes seem to be criticizing them (like dortor and others who've been fans of Elon and Tesla Motors A LOT longer than you have) are really just disappointed in their seemingly poor execution and afraid they won't succeed in changing the world with their innovative products and philosophies.

Perhaps I'm getting a bit jaded. Perhaps it's because I decided to REALLY back the company and actually reserve a Model X and now I'm watching it trickle to market under a cloud of doubt. Perhaps it's also not quite what I hoped it would be (see comments by AlMc regarding seating).

I'm not sure why you don't feel like you can post in the other thread. Sure it's supposed to be reserved for owners and reservation holders, but that function is broken and has been for a while now.

Lastly, I'm not your "mate" unless you're a friend from Australia I've had beers with. ;-)


Ankit Mishra | 30. Oktober 2015

Its alright man. Everyone gets a little excited sometimes. I also tend to get excited when I see extreme unjustified doomsday predictions about Tesla by someone in multiple threads. I am trying to tone down that response. I appreciate your reply.
That thread is for owners. I don't want to come in between if owners want to have discussion amongst themselves.

Remnant | 30. Oktober 2015

@ Ankit Mishra (October 29, 2015)

<< I could use your words but negative feelings need to stop somewhere. >>

Oh, yeah! But grill them anyway. It keeps them alert and effective.

Godspeed, mate!

Roamer@AZ USA | 30. Oktober 2015

"Private" topics are visible only to Tesla Owners and Reservation Holders

Not just owners. Anyone who has skin in the game.

johnse | 30. Oktober 2015

I just did some testing.

"Private" topics only prevent listing of the topic in the forum topic list. If you have the URL to a topic, you can view it without even being logged in. You can post to it without being an owner or reservation holder. All you need is a "verified" account--meaning you've validated the email address used.

Red Sage ca us | 30. Oktober 2015


Roamer@AZ USA | 30. Oktober 2015

The secret is out now.

Ankit Mishra | 31. Oktober 2015

Please state your source where Elon says that X is the vehicle that he should not have built. Again its your personal opinion that Tesla has missed the mark because of removal of folding seats. In my opinion the car is made for average consumer rather people who want to haul cargo in it. Tesla will be able to sell cars at much greater premium to people who value features rather than people who value spec wars. Please quote your source for projecting the charging abilities of X in bad light. Do you have sufficient information that the X will charge slower than S or do you yet again choose to choose negative outlook about X and Tesla in the absence of complete information? Sig owners have been happily configuring and waiting for their cars. Maybe you are ignoring the happy posts in threads of people posting there delivery estimates.
I disagree with your entire post except the last line. X will be a better car than S.

Ankit Mishra | 31. Oktober 2015

Please don't project your opinions of how things should be as absolute. I disagree with your notion that decisions at Tesla are taken without any planning or just by flipping a coin. Maybe the things that you hold so important aren't important at all to sell cars for Tesla.

aesculus | 31. Oktober 2015
Ankit Mishra | 31. Oktober 2015

In my opinion he is praising the car. So according to taking things literally Elon is also critising the power of P85D by calling it Insane. He calls the ludicrous mode 'so fast that its wrong'. In my opinion its selective intake of data by some people. It has been his habit of praising things in this way. Dont let recent experiences colour your perception.

AlMc | 31. Oktober 2015

@Ankit: The statement by Elon that the X probably should not have been built was during his remarks at the X reveal last month. It was in reference/the context of how difficult the engineering was for the vehicle.

I am sure you can find a video on the internet of the event.

AlMc | 31. Oktober 2015
Ankit Mishra | 31. Oktober 2015

I know he said it. He has been saying such things for a long time. Its his way to praise the car without looking arrogant. Its my opinion. See my post above to @aesculus.

AlMc | 31. Oktober 2015

Ankit: You asked me for a link. You have your link. He may have said it 'tongue in cheek' but the complexity has caused the delays.
So, in fact his statement appears that it may be quite true.

We can debate it back and forth. He did say it. You wanted have proof.


Ankit Mishra | 31. Oktober 2015

This isn't goodbye, even as I watch you leave, this isn't goodbye
I swear I won't cry, even as tears fill my eyes, I swear I won't cry

aesculus | 31. Oktober 2015

@Ankit: I get your point but that boy band song was more of a sting than any post you could have written. I want me 2 mins back. :-)

ian | 31. Oktober 2015

@Ankit - You asked for our sources regarding the X charging being less than what's available for the S...

You'll have to read them and pay attention to when posts where posted to get the chronology.

Part of the problem is that NO ONE can get a solid list of specifications for the X from Tesla so all we have is rumors and innuendo to figure out what we're actually buying. Don't make a mistake either, most here are owners or have reservations.

When are you going to put up or shut up?

Yes, that's a joke. ;-)


Ross1 | 01. November 2015

Don't be so hard on Ankrit, he really is on the good side.

Since the Moderator hasn't shown up, or died, old Anchor is in the running.

So be nice to him. I admire his tenacity. No vested interest and takes all that garbage from you 24/7.

Ross1 | 01. November 2015


I think the venom here is directly proportional to the Budweiser effect x day of the week.

On Day 7, the beer is doing the talking.

I think they really do like you, in their own way.

When / if you leave, you will have left the forum a better place.

ian | 01. November 2015

@Ross - No beer talking here. Maybe some tired nerves though. FWIW I actually appreciate and enjoy Ankit's enthusiasm. What grates though is his over enthusiastic defense of Tesla and Elon when he clearly doesn't have all the information. I won't go so far as to say he's calling people liars because he hasn't used that word, but it's been pretty close on a couple of occasions.

So, yeah, I do like his contribution here in my own way. ;-)


P.S. I know Tasmania is officially part of Australia but I won't assume you were backing the Wallabies this weekend in the Rugby World Cup. Curious if you were pleased with the match though. ;-)

Ross1 | 01. November 2015

What is Rugby?

Red Sage ca us | 03. November 2015

"That's what it says, but that isn't what it means." -- 'LOST'

MyXinTx | 05. November 2015

Wow, I had hoped that the jabs would have settled down since a month ago, but some are still ridiculing and picking on others.

If this was a moderated board, I know a few who would have had their access eliminated by now.

Can't we all just get along and discuss Tesla???