Retractable charger pulley wheel...

Retractable charger pulley wheel...

My garage where my Model S will be parked and charged primarily, has the charger plug on the right side. 
Has anyone here pondered the idea of retrofitting a retractable pulley wheel, so you can extend the 25 foot cable over the rafters, and attach to a retractable pulley wheel, to connect to the car's charging port on the rear left?

TikiMan | 27. August 2012
Theresa | 28. August 2012

For my Roadster I have a similar issue. All that I do is hook a rubber tarp strap from the garage door rail and hold the cable above my other car and I can drive the other car out underneath the cable overhang while the Roadster is charging.

Schlermie | 28. August 2012

I wasn't planning to use a retractable pulley wheel, but I am planning to install the power outlet up high on the wall, so I have the option to pass beneath the cable while charging, rather than stepping over it. I expect to rig some sort of arm to extend it a couple feet away from the wall. In my case, the car's charge port will be right next to the wall with the power outlet though.

amits32 | 06. März 2013

not sure if anyone has thought about installing the charger on the ceiling and letting it hang with a retractable pulley off the ground... kinda like what they have at the mechanic shops for oil. I'm planning on doing this, but not sure what kind of pulley's are out there.

EVTripPlanner | 06. März 2013

My receptacle is near the ceiling and I just coil the cord on a hook when not plugged in. Had considered a tool balancer (retracting cable), but this works fine and is simple. The only issue is needing the step ladder to unplug if I want to take the cord with me on a road trip (needed for RV park charging, for example).

RedShift | 06. März 2013

Why wouldn't tesla make the charge port on both sides?

Chuck Lusin | 06. März 2013

I was going to use a piece of U shaped aluminum track to hold the mobile charger and an strong arm to pull it back up.

Some thing like this:
and this:

riceuguy | 06. März 2013

@RedShift...why don't car manufacturers put gas tank openings on both sides? Because it would cost double! Sure it would be more convenient to have charge ports on both sides but I would guess they cost a lot more than say a gas cap and the metal tube to the gas tank...

TikiMan | 07. März 2013

Just an FYI update on this post...

I have had my tool-balancer (retractable pulley) set-up for almost five months now, and it has been working fantastic! It literally takes me less than ten seconds to plug-in or un-plug my charge cable.

When I took my old Nissan Murano to the gas station a few weeks back (it’s my backup vehicle for transporting heavy stuff-junk, etc now), I was shocked how jaded I have become with my MS. Waiting fifteen minutes in a long gas line, and then having to wait TEN minutes to enter my charge card, pump the gas, etc (a waste of almost a half-hour), the best way I can describe it was like I had gone back to using an AOL and dial-up PC router to get an internet connection (depressing and archaic).

Pungoteague_Dave | 07. März 2013

Wow TikiMan, where do you live that they have gas lines and no at-pump credit card swipe? I have purchased gasoline in all 48 contiguous states and four provinces of Canada in the last year (mostly on a motorcycle rally) and have never seen or been in a line to buy gas (since the 1970's oil embargo).

MNFowler | 07. März 2013

Here is the retractable tool balance with a ratchet lock. This will work beautifully.

RedShift | 07. März 2013


Sure, it costs more money. May be they can make it an option and charge for it? I plan on keeping the car for a long time, and having to plug it in every night from the other side and from behind the car is a bit cumbersome.
On a side note, one of my friend is the CEO of a startup (very small startup) that is prototyping a wireless charger for EVs. I will not let him use my car when I get it later next month as a guinea pig though! ( he currently uses an old VW with a battery pack for testing his prototype.... | 07. März 2013

I installed Rubbermaid fast tracks for my cord storage

nickjhowe | 07. März 2013

I use two $5 hooks from Home Depot to support the 'box' and the cable. Usually I leave the cable lying along the wall of my garage and don't bother wrapping it up.

TikiMan | 07. März 2013


I live in Orange County, California, and am a Costco member (which has the lowest gas prices in my area). Typically Costco has fairly long lines during summer, or when there is an abnormal spike in gas prices.

MandL | 08. März 2013

I'm hoping Tesla will get on board and support this:

tommy-tesla | 08. März 2013

@MandL LOL good one. 3.3 kW and 90% efficient (remember this is in
addition to the existing losses). I'll keep my humble 10 kW thanks.

SuperCarAficionado | 22. März 2015

Hey TikiMan, how did you retrofit the tri plug retractor from Home Depot you linked?
I just picked one up and have a Model S P85D being delivered in a few days.
Would love to know how to retrofit it before my electrician comes to install the dedicated line for the charger.