School Project

School Project

Hello, Im Allen Royall from Whiteville high school. Im taking AP Environmental science and we just got a project where we act as lobbyist trying to get a topic through. Well my group got electric cars and we are trying to get the pros for owning an electric car, and the counter arguments that we would receive against our group. If ANYONE can help us out it would be very much appreciated. Thank You!

Brian H | 15. Februar 2013

There's lots of info on the Tesla home site, but here's something surprising:

Many focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Truly, the jury is still out on whether that's a good idea. Focus on this: EVs are just better cars in many respects. Most new owners of the Tesla swear they will never buy a gas car again because they feel primitive after driving the Model S.

olanmills | 15. Februar 2013

Check this page:

There are lots of other pros you can find out about out there, but here are some arguments against EV and counterarguments:

-New technology and/or market often needs to be expensive at first, early adopters pave the way for lower price and better quality in the future (like cel phones, computers, etc)

Limited range
-developing bigger, cheaper batteries, new charging technologies, more charging locations (see,
-Tesla Model S can go 200-300 miles, and it's the first car of its kind. Imagine what 10 or 20 years of development could accomplish. ICE cars are over 100 years old and they have improved a lot over that time. EV's will improve too if there's a market for them.

EV's still pollute
-It's still more efficient and less polluting to produce energy centrally at a power plant and distribute via electricity than it is to produce, distribute, and use gasoline
-Power grid and power plants can be improved or replaced over time to become greener, ICE cars will always be burning fuels

aroyall96 | 19. Februar 2013

Thank you guys so much Ill make sure to use these.

Timo | 19. Februar 2013

Just for fun, if you can dig out the real energy use it takes to refine raw oil to gasoline post it here. There are several assumptions made, and all of them show quite high numbers, but there is a lot of variation in the estimations.

Brian H | 20. Februar 2013

Gasoline was a waste product of kerosine refinement in the early days. It all depends what you're paying for. E.g.; diesel + dye = heating fuel.