Second hand headlights Roadster

Second hand headlights Roadster

Hello, I'am Aren van Muijen from Holland. The lamp holders of the headlights of my Roadster are broken and the garage over here doesn't have spare ones. Does anyone has original Roadster headlights? Product numbers are:

1003107-00-B (Left holder) / 1003108-00-B (Right holder)

Thanks very much for your response!


Aren van Muijen

DHrivnak | 21. November 2014

Not sure if the European headlights are different. If not I have a set that has started to peel you are welcome to for the shipping.

arenastaart | 22. November 2014

Hello mister DHrivnak,

thanks very much for your respons. I don's think european ones are differtent. So do you have the whole holder? (so -I think- 4 light can be screwed in. 3 big ones and 1 small one. If you google a picture, you know what I mean)

And what do you mean by 'starting to peel'? They still work I suppose?

If yes, I'm really interested. How much do you ask for it? I can pay in advance, including the shipping costs.

Thanks again for your response.



wiztecy | 24. November 2014

Yes, European spec for the headlights *are* different than the USA ones. Be careful. USA has DOT spec and design, the European have their own spec/design.

DHrivnak | 24. November 2014

Arenastaart send an email to dhrivnak at and include your address so I can check shipping. I am just looking to cover shipping and then I can take a close picture of head lights. The old ones were replaced as the film started to peel off. I was keeping them in case my current lights start to peel as well I was planning to use these as test lights.

I think wiztec is right as I hear the headlights are different. The light assembly is held with 3 screws. One of which was a bear to get around due to the AC unit on drivers side.

arenastaart | 25. November 2014

Hi DHrivnak,

if you give me your email adress or sent a message to:, I can sent you a picture of the lights. Then we know for sure were we are talking about.

Thanks till sofar. Really appriciate it.



arenastaart | 30. November 2014

Hi DHrivnak,

are you still interesting to sell the headlights?

Hope to hear from you.