Second Row Headroom?

Second Row Headroom?

Does anyone have headroom measurements for second row?

PBEndo | 05. Dezember 2015


MyXinTx | 06. Dezember 2015

Great questions, especially since it is reasonable to assume that those seats do not recline at all, so tall people may get VERY close to the roof.

aesculus | 06. Dezember 2015

I am pretty tall (>6 foot) and did not sit in the second row but other tall people did that I saw. They reported that the outboard seats were good but a 6 footer may have an issue with the middle seat. I think the wells for the roof windows give extra headroom for the outboard seats but that thick roof makes the middle seat headroom limited.

ian | 06. Dezember 2015

What aesculus said. I did sit in the middle of the second row and at 6'1" it was tight. I would not want to sit there for very long at all. The roof is very thick due to the falcon wing door mechanics. That's saying nothing of shoulder room. Definitely only a spot for little(r) people and why I am considering the 6 seat configuration.


MyXinTx | 06. Dezember 2015 not just an issue that the 2nd row don't fold, but also no recline to accommodate tall passengers.

Probably not a significant issue in reality, just good info to know.

Once again the value of a forum like this and the benefit of participating enthusiasts.

QUESTION...To date, have all X previews only been in California, or have they shipped some elsewhere for demo?

ian | 06. Dezember 2015

To date, all X previews happened at the reveal event at the end of September.

Farmer Dave | 06. Dezember 2015


It's my understanding that the second row seats DO recline.

Tâm | 06. Dezember 2015

@Farmer Dave

What's a reference that gives you hints that second row seats do recline?

The only claim is from below:

However, the author admitted his memory was "fuzzy" and the picture of the controls were actually from first row, not second row.

gfb107 | 06. Dezember 2015

From the main Model X page:

Seating for Seven + Gear

Model X comfortably seats seven people in three rows. Every seat is the best seat in the house, but the second row seats are a work of art. Mounted on a single post and independently reclining, each second row seat is designed to maximize passenger comfort, legroom, under seat storage and access to the third row. The third row seats fold flat when not in use and the second row seats lean forward and out of the way for even more cargo area.

Tâm | 06. Dezember 2015


Thanks so much! That clears up the confusion because it's an official Model web page.

ian | 06. Dezember 2015

I wouldn't put too much belief in what that says about the second row reclining. Unless that functionality is being added. The ones at the reveal didn't recline.

MyXinTx | 07. Dezember 2015

OK, so reclining 2nd row seats not yet confirmed.

I suppose it's possible they could slightly recline without folding flat, but according to actual pictures of the non-folding seats, I cannot identify any aspect that has a pivot, which is required for reclining especially if allowing for each seat to independently do so.

Any smart engineer-types willing to weigh in?

vandacca | 07. Dezember 2015

The seats do appear to tilt-forward when moved all the way forwards, to give just a little more storage space. It's my understanding that they cannot recline (there is no control for it), however, if moved towards the back all the way, they may recline somewhat once they get to the end of the pedestal travel.

aesculus | 07. Dezember 2015

I suspect someone who is not fluent in the English language felt that recline and tilt were synonyms. The entire seat (back and bottom as one unit) can tilt forward and backward a bit. Very quickly you will find your thighs being impacted by the front of the lower seat cushion if you tilted it back much with your knees in the air. By no means reclining in which the seat bottom stays flat and the back moves independently.

MyXinTx | 07. Dezember 2015

So unless the 2nd row is designed to be comfortable to every body shape, without any flex or other adjustment there remains the potential for discomfort by some...but at least it looks good.