Should we ignore all "...a Tesla Rep said..." statements?

Should we ignore all "...a Tesla Rep said..." statements?

Throughout the forums are all kinds of comments about all kinds of features where "a Tesla Rep" in "such and such" sales or service locations has said that some feature or other is/isn't present or is/isn't coming. As time goes by the range of opinions seems to be diverging and increasingly conflicting. Seems like as Tesla grows there are fewer and fewer people who truly know what is going on.

I've got to the point where I don't believe anything I hear until it actually appears on the car.


archibaldcrane | 31. Dezember 2012

I think it's a good idea to generally ignore the reps until what they are saying appears in the car. I was lied to numerous times by reps when the first cars were just going into production, it's disappointing but they really don't know much more than we do it seems.

rwang | 31. Dezember 2012

I had the same issue. A sales rep tried to convince me i didn't need the twin chargers. He said I could get it later it'd be the same price. Short answer - not true. Here working to get it added w/o additional costs. I'll let you know how it goes.

DouglasR | 31. Dezember 2012

@rwang, I have also been trying to get the second charger. I have not yet even been given an ETA. "Check back in the middle of January," I was told. Where are you located?

Regarding what the Reps say, we either do or do not have 4G hardware in the car. We either do or do not have parking sensor hardware in the car. The spoiler really improves handling, or it's just a styling option.

However, I do believe the Rep who told me he saw the Virgin Mary in the Obeche trim . . .

dstiavnicky | 31. Dezember 2012

I was also told the twin chargers could be added later easily by the guy who runs Tesla Canada... didn't ask about cost.

Volker.Berlin | 31. Dezember 2012

Well, the "a Tesla rep" source certainly is not as reliable as we'd like it to be; on the other hand, it's still the best source we have short of comments directly from Elon, Franz and George (JB seems to have a habit not to speak up publicly). Thus, if we want to keep the discussion going, we should still post what we overheard saying -- just need to take it with the appropriate measure of salt.

There is a kind of comment that I dislike even more than "a Tesla rep said"; when someone specifically asks for a detail as it appears in the actual car, and some forum enthusiasts who do not have a car (yet) give speculative "answers". I can't see which purpose that would serve, and I find it annoying since even without those pointless speculation this forum is already very, very busy. But to everybody his (or her) own pet peeve...

rbgpgfl | 31. Dezember 2012

In regards to the twin tesla rep asked me what my driving habits were and told me I did not need twin chargers and that the second charger could be added post delivery. I asked pricing on adding it and he could not tell me. If this is an option why isn't there any pricing for it? I called Roosevelt Field Tesla location to confirm that the second charger could be added after delivery if my driving habits changed - they told me no. I then called my rep back and he said they could and sent me an email stating that they could be added after delivery.
I do have one big concern - I have been on 2 test drives in the Roosevelt Field location- Long Island NY and have been told that the Model S comes with seat heaters - I specifically asked when they were showing me how they operated. My test drives were in late September and mid December of 2012.
I am currently driving a Lexus RX450h fully loaded. Heated and ventilated seats.
I was asked to finalize my model just before christmas, which I did. I am fully expecting to have seat heaters. I keep reading the forums to get an idea of the experiences other people are having, getting more familiar with the car and to see if i have missed anything that I need to know outside of what i have been told. I am reading that heated seats are not included in the current build of the Model S but will be in the 2013 builds. So what does this mean to me - i finalized my build just before christmas to avoid the price increase but since my build will be in 2013 what should I expect. I have been told they are included but reading the forums I am not so sure now - have no idea who to believe and what to expect. I have ordered the tech pkg, upgraded sound system, pano roof, paint upgrade.......pretty much everything except for the twin charges.
Can someone let me know what the story is about the seat heaters. And as an aside, will they be the 12 way adjustable as well. Thanks.

MikeSFO | 31. Dezember 2012

I have had my "S" for over a week now, it definitely does have seat heaters. Have not yet diddled with all the seat adjustment knobs.

rlpm | 31. Dezember 2012

@rbgliny: Heated seats are standard if you get leather (included in performance model). See "Interior" here:

petero | 31. Dezember 2012

rbgliny.If you ordered leather seats you get heated seats included. If you are an early reservation holder who confirmed textile seats before the price increase -no heated seats. If you reserve later and pay the new increased price you get heated seats on either textile or leather.

rlpm | 31. Dezember 2012

Forgot about the adjustability. Currently, if you get leather, you get 12-way adjustable heated seats. After the price increase, they will be standard (even with cloth). See:

petero | 31. Dezember 2012

rwang. Regarding the twin chargers. "Here working to get it added w/o additional costs."

I am confused by your efforts to get the second charger free. It was always a $1,500 option. Perhaps you are confusing twin charging with super charging. | 31. Dezember 2012

I have an S P -- Seat heaters with 3 comfort level settings. Fully adjustable power front seats. Software updates tonight from version 4.0. I did not go with twin chargers...plan to rely primarily on supercharging and NEMA 14-50 for long distance trips. I never had a Tesla specialist misrepresent anything about the vehicle. If they didn't know the answer they offered to look it up...and of course there is this forum.

rbgpgfl | 31. Dezember 2012

Thanks for the quick responses. From what I'm reading I will be getting heated seats as I did upgrade to leather. Neglected to put that in my previous post. Probably something I learned when I first started researching the car and forgot while continuing the research. Happy New Year!

ddruz | 01. Januar 2013

Thanks for starting this very interesting thread. My personal experience has been that verbal representations by Tesla reps cannot be relied upon with any great certainty. I do not believe they are purposely being misleading, simply that the reps sometimes don't know what they don't know and are truly doing their best.

However, written representations by email from reps have proven extremely reliable for me with only one exception which I'll note in a moment. This may be because the reps understand that putting something in writing may be more legally binding than verbally stating an opinion and thus more research may be behind written responses.

The exception I encountered: I received written responses from two different Tesla reps stating that a car without the Tech Package would not have a GPS installed in the car and the car's location on the Google map could not and would not be displayed. I double checked this with each of the two reps and got the same response.

Based on this written verification I added the Tech Package after originally configuring my car, very reluctantly I must say because I strongly wanted GPS map location in my car but do not need navigation or anything else in the Tech Package and the price is very high for this feature alone.

Now that non-Tech cars have begun delivery we find that they do indeed come with GPS installed and the car's location is shown on Google map (though no route or TBT nav), which is in opposition to the written information I received from Tesla reps. Since my 60 kWh, standard suspension car will not be built for another 3 months at least, upon learning this I immediately requested Tesla drop the Tech Package from my configuration.

If Tesla does not let me modify my configuration this will be a case where written misinformation from Tesla reps cost the customer $3750 and left him feeling mislead and disenchanted. It has been a week and Tesla has not yet responded to two emails requesting this change but the holidays may have delayed things.

Nonetheless, IMO written information from Tesla reps is more often than not generally reliable whereas verbal information needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

vouteb | 01. Januar 2013


can you ask in writing if there is hardware for parking sensors in the car?


petero | 01. Januar 2013

vouteb. May I suggest you go to main forum page and write to nkinkaid with your question on parking sensor wiring. Kincaid seems to be one of the most official contact TM people.

rwang | 01. Januar 2013

@petero sorry, trying to get the twin chargers for $1500 not free vs $3600 to $4000 for post installation.

Had HPWC on original order. Moved it to Performance to expedite delivery. They then told me not to do it b/c i didn't need it.

The answer for those who need to figure out if they need twin chargers -

It's a combo of the miles you are driving and what kind of lead foot you have. So, if you use a lot of energy b/c you are in a hurry, get the Twin Chargers and HPWC.

vouteb | 01. Januar 2013

will try petero, thanks

Volker.Berlin | 01. Januar 2013

vouteb, while you're at it, don't forget to mention power folding mirrors...! :-)

toto_48313 | 09. Januar 2013

same as ddruz

that verbal representations by Tesla reps cannot be relied upon with any great certainty.

However, written representations were always accurate.

So if you want to be sure about something... have it write down.

Motoring | 09. Januar 2013

Word of advice - applicable in all situations! -- The written contract RULES! Don't rely on anything verbal or outside of the (signed by both parties) written contract/agreement. You'll be sorry otherwise.

DouglasR | 09. Januar 2013

I'll put on my Brian H hat and point out that a "verbal" contract means a contract that uses words. You probably mean don't rely on an oral contract.

Brian H | 09. Januar 2013

Yes. Be anal about getting oral commitments in writing!

ddruz | 10. Januar 2013

Follow up to my above post about the one written communication I have received in error: Tesla let me reconfigure, dropping the Tech Package, since I had configured with it based on what subsequently turned out to be inadvertent, incorrect information in their written communication to me. They were exceptionally accommodating about it. This further reinforces my belief that written communications with Tesla reps can be relied upon.