Size of Model X

Size of Model X

Anyone can tell the size of Model X?

ian | 20. Februar 2014

Only guesstimations since Tesla has yet to release info on the production version.

It should be a bit longer than the S. Probably a bit wider as well. These guesses are just based on the fact that it will be riding on the same "skateboard" or platform as the S and statements made by Elon and Franz (the designer).

Here is a great estimation of the height...

If that doesn't link, it's at the top of page 2 of the "Elon please make falcon doors optional" thread here in the X forums.


vandacca | 20. Februar 2014

In Oslo, Elon said that the width of the Model X will be identical to the Model S, but the length may be slightly longer, but only around ~5-10 cm (if my memory is accurate).